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A quick roundup of the last two weeks, and a comment about the future

So then,

I write, on the very dawn of the day that will lead to the very eve before the night leading to the dawn, day and then eve of my departure from this world! yes. I do this.

The last couple of weeks have slipped away seemingly uneventfully, with the exception of the following things:

  • It was Tracy's Birthday on the 11/10/07. I'm slowly getting used to the concept of being with a younger woman. That being said, we are currently the same age.. at least we will be until Nov 20. None the less, for 325 days each year, she is my younger woman. The difference in age is clearly evident when you see us side by side... she is much fairer than I
  • Office gossip (not rumours) has been fascinating and slightly disturbing of late. I will not utter details of it here, but rest assured that it outdoes anything that ever went down at the ABS... which is a big call :-)
  • Went to see Death at a Funeral with Trace on Wednesday. I had no expectations (in fact, I couldn't really be assed going) but actually really enjoyed it. I wouldn't recommend it, but only because I know that a lot of people wont like the British humour. Tracy and I loved it. And while I probably wont watch it a second time, I was rather amused on many occasions.
  • Went to the local with Dale from work at his best mate who's name escapes me... all names do. Had a couple of drinks, including a free one from the 'Pure Blonde Babes'.
  • Been playing a bit of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, which has left me feeling like a wii-bit of a pussy. The game makes me crap myself. Especially when I play it at night. (Then again, Zelda has made me crap myself too :-) ) Its a great atmospheric game (though some elements detract from that), and is a testament to how good games can be in that genre.
  • I've been driving to work this week. This is due to the 'Shutdown' of the Fremantle and Joondalup train lines for their connection with the Mandurah rail link. The alternative public transport arrangements added 40min each way, which I deemed unacceptable.
  • There was some tragic news about a week ago. kelwebby and her horse Seth had a bad fall, in which Kel hurt her collarbone and Seth broke his leg. Unfortunately Seth had to be put down :'( It was quite shocking and unexpected and upsetting.
  • I ordered some speaker stands from The Loudspeaker Kit last week. They didnt have any in stock, which I thought was irritating. Its the second time (out of 3) that they have not been able to sell me something that is listed on their website. The first item was the Cambridge Audio 640R, which I ended up buying from West Coast Hifi. I was told that the stands would come in this week. However, I called them yesterday and now they wont be here until next week. Obviously, I am unhappy about this, as I wont be in town. I complained a little and the guy took my number and said he'll see what can be done. I am yet to hear from them. I will go and get a refund after work if they haven't called.

    Why is it that consumers have to constantly do battle with the companies that take their money? There are few places that I would recommend these days. About the only smooth transaction we've had lately has been with Joondalup Warehouse Discounts, from which we bought our bedroom furniture. They accidentally delivered the wrong 'Tall Boy', but promptly exchanged it and apologised. As such, they get top marks from me.

    Anyway - I will attempt to keep notes of our travels through NZ. That being said, it is unlikely that I'll bother updating anything here until I get back. The plan is as follows:
  • Arrive in Auckland on Sunday Morning
  • Catch a bus to Rotorua that afternoon
  • Spend two nights in Rotorua looking at the various things around down
  • Catch a bus to Wellington
  • Spend 3 nights in Wellington
  • Catch Ferry over to Picton
  • Hire a Car and drive around the South Island for the remainder of our time there.
  • Fly back to Auckland to catch the flight home.

    don_preacher's journal will be our primary travel guide, with the Lonely Planet's Guide to New Zealand in distant second place.

    What else... I called my godmother a few days ago for a general chat. Its always nice to talk to her, though it has a habit of making me Swiss-sick. My next visit is due in 2011, so I'll have to wait a while yet.



    NOTE: I have just received a call from LSK - The speaker stands have come into stock. I shall pick them up after work :P
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