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Lest I forget.....

Hello there,

Once again, this is NOT my New Zealand post.... I kept a type of mini diary while I was over there, to ensure I would not forget what the happened there. As such, there is no chance of me forgetting any interesting details that you might like to know about. Patience... I cant promise it will be great... but I can promise that it will 'be'....

Today I write to bring us up to date with more recent events, before I forget and colour drains from their memories.

As always, these are not the sorts of events that people should make a movie out of, but I will document them none the less. Mostly for my own sake, as I have a sift for a brain these days :-)


Went to see Control with Judith and haze (several other people from work pulled out). It has been getting rave reviews everywhere I look.. unfortunately, as it often the case, rave reviews led to a bit of disappointment. While Ian Curtis' life was indeed tragically short, I found myself not really caring about him all that much. He was not a likeable character, whom made a lot of mistakes, selfish mistakes, few of which were accidental (in the film, at least). To speak truthfully, I couldn't help but to hate the guy... he was basically an emo of his generation. I'm not a big fan of people that feel sorry for themselves all the time (we all have our moments).

I've never been a fan of Joy Division, and this movie is unlikely to convert me. New Order is much more my style. That being said, there was a time when I thought I would never listen to The Beatles, and look at me now :-)

The movie was nicely shot in B&W. That wins it instant points with me, since I tend to like (modern) B&W movies, as long as they are well done. However, I did not like the different shade or grey that each scene used. In a couple of scenes, it looked almost sepia film. I found it distracting... I dont know why I pay attention to these things...

The second, and perhaps primary event of the week was Muse!!!! I met up with Paul, Judith and a coupe of Judith's friends at The Moon for a quick bite to eat and a couple of bevies, before we headed across to the Supreme Court Gardens to meet up with Heidi, her brother Marcus, and his girlfriend. (As you can see, I've pretty much forgotten everyone's names :-) Once we met up, we popped into the bar across the road, and have another pint, before heading through the gates and into the crowds.

We managed to find a spot about 40m from the stage which was more than acceptable. At about 19:00 the support act come on (The Dirty Secrets). They were actually pretty good... but being a support act, we had to boo them anyway :-)

Everything was going pretty well until the band suddenly walked off stage, and some roady walked up to the microphone and told us all the move the fuck back because people were getting crushed at the front... we were not sure how to react to this request, as we not in a crowded position (yet) and felt that there was no reason for us to move, until the guys in front of us moved... The crown ahead of us did not move.. in fact, everyone looked pretty confused. A little while later, the roady started to get a little pissy. He stated that "there was a lot of discomfort happening down at the front,", to which I stated that "he must be having one of his heaver days". There was laugher. He stated that there would be no concert if we did not move the fuck back. Naturally the crown reacted with booing and water-bottle throwing until he went offstage.

After about 5 minutes, another guy came on stage. This guy actually had some understanding of how to address a crowd. Firstly, he actually explained what was happening at the front. Apparently there was a problem with the crowd-barrier. He stated that they will need to re-build it before the show can begin, and that a 30-min delay would occur. People were annoyed, but not angry.

What did the get crowd pretty wired up was the announcement some 40-min later - "Ladies and Gentlemen... we thank you very much for all your patience. You have been fantastic... now please put your hand together for..... The Dirty Secrets!!!!. This announcement was meant with another wave of boos, and more throwing of water bottles at the stage.... you could tell that people were getting passionate.. those water bottles cost $4 each :-)

After two song, the support act finally vacated the stage to much applause (not the supportive kind). The roadies came on stage and started packing up the equipment, to make way for Muse's instruments. This took almost 40-min and we all grew pretty impatient and tired. I was actually glancing at my watch occasionally, quietly fantasising how nice it would be to go home to bed.

When Muse finally did come on, they were met with applause, with a hint of tiredness. The waiting had taken its toll... I was glad they were finally on, but I felt almost over it already. Luckily, that feeling didn't last too long, and I was revved up and enthusiastic before long. They sang 'Supermassive Black Hole', 'Starlight' and 'Map Of The Problematique' with absolute force. The crowd and I loved it and there was a hell of a lot of energy in the air. 'Butterflies & Hurricanes', 'Time Is Running Out', 'Hysteria' and 'Apocalypse Please' were absolutely spectacular, while 'Soldier's Poem' was the only track I didn't enjoy.... I've never really liked it, the the live performance didn't add much.

They finished off with a dynamite performance of 'Knights Of Cydonia', which left me buzzing and wanting more. Below is a video clip that you can watch if you wish. Its pretty bad... mostly because of the out of key singing.... simply caused by the fact that I could not hear myself... I always sing in tune.. you know that :-) That being said, everyone was signing, thus I cannot take full credit... it may not be me you are hearing :-)

I think we all had a great time, and would merrily go to another concert with the crew I went with.

While we were at Muse, Tracy was at the JT concert with some of her work-friends. She had a great time as well, which was good to hear. Perhaps I'll manage to drag her to Muse next time they come around :-)

I'm tired and off to bed. Today was the first hot day of the season.. it hit 38 in some suburbs, and 39 is the forecast for tomorrow. Hello spring.




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Nov. 11th, 2007 01:25 pm (UTC)
Spring ends on the 13th of this month so you might want to start saying goodbye to it and hello to Summer instead :)

Secondly, you never told me you took a video with your phone. If you'd mentioned this when I saw you earlier today then I would have given you a right ol' verbal bashing. We have often discussed our views on people recording poor quality video of an event instead of enjoying the experience. I'm horrified to see that you have joined them. Horrendously horrified!
Nov. 11th, 2007 01:47 pm (UTC)
Your righteous anger delights me... but I still hold to what I said.

..However!! - I only recorder this little clip, which is pretty short considering the length of the concert. It was but a short taste, which I wanted to preserve in whatever primitive way I could...

Forgive me for going against the grain... our grain.. but it felt right at the time, and I figured I might as well put it in my journal... WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! ***Peter breaks down, and hides under his computer desk.
Nov. 11th, 2007 07:41 pm (UTC)
I agree with your opinion with the Joy division guys story. Havent seen the film, but but as I recall he killed himself for cheating on his wife, which, in a way, shows how committed he was to is family. But in another way, doesnt, as he abandoned them. I think he was more a Cobain of his generation.

Ive never liked Muse too much, but Im sure theyd put on a good show. I gave them a try a few years back, but didnt much care for it. I guess its time to give them another try.
Nov. 12th, 2007 01:01 am (UTC)
Muse is a strange animal. There are many elements I really like, and several elements I dislike. For instance, I've never liked the lead-singer' voice. I find him a little winey. Futhermore, I generally dislike their lyrics as I find them a little 'dramatic' in contrast to the guys voice.

I've grown used to the guys voice and appreciate it more, now that I've seen the live. I'm still lukewarm on the lyrics, but they are great to sing along to in a crowd :-)

On the other side - I love their classical style. A lot of their music is structured in a classic music manner, which takes time to appreciate. They also know how to rock it from time to time and really give their instruments a thrashing in the middle of certain songs, while never actually creating a thrashy affair. What am I saying? I dont know :P

If you're going to listen to them, I recommend you listent to Showbiz, Apsolution and 'Black Holes and Revalations'. Blake Holes is certainly the most technically produced of their albums, but the earlier ones are more classical in their approch.

Overall I must say that they are much better live than they are on the albums, and seeing them live is allowing me to listen to the albums from a different angle.


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