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The Triplets of Bellville & Dinner at Kelly's


Tracy and I had a lovely dinner at kelwebby's place on Tuesday night, in the company of her mother, Dan and, of course, Kelly. It was a homage to a dinner we enjoyed at her place some years ago, which featured some mint sauce that was a mere 9 years out of date. This time around, with a new bottle of mint-sauce, the delicious lamb was devoured as god intended. The lamb was great, the bread rolls were very pleasing, the peas were green and yummy, and the oven-baked veggies made both Trace and I wonder how she manages to make them so delicious!

I enjoyed a Crown Lager, while Trace and Kel enjoyed some sweet sparkling white. It was a nice evening, even with the heat, with an early start, and an early end. I was rather tired and was glad to get home at a nice time. Tracy and I shall surely have to host a proper dinner at our place sometime soon. People come over to watch movies and such, but that's about it. I guess we should put in more effort to be more formal (occasionally, at least).

In other news - haze and I watched The Triplets of Bellville last night. I cant really find too many good things to say about it. It had a couple of funny moments, and a couple of impressive moments... but the movie lacked pace and direction, and while the style was 'visual', it was not the sort of style that I enjoy watching. I'm sure that the movie-makers thought that some of the quirky things were cute... but they were mostly just annoying.

The movie originally came to my attention during the Week 1 Performance show on So you think you can Dance?: Season 3. Sara and Jesús performed a routine by Wade Robson, to "Cabaret Hoover" from the movie's soundtrack. The song certainly stuck in my mind, and I had built an expectation that the movie would use very similar music throughout. It did not, and I was disappointed.

I think it would have made a great short film. But as a full length feature, it didn't work for me. It was clever in parts, but overall it was just a bit boring and rather slow. 4/10



PS: I'm thrilled to learn that don_preacher will be seeing Muse live in Sydney. Heidi, with whom I went to see the Perth show, will also be there. Furthermore, she'll be seeing Crowded House with Tracy and I the day before. Lucky girl :-)
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