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The Crowded House Concert

Hello there,

So, last night Tracy, Heidi, and a couple of her friends met up at the supreme court gardens for an evening that was bound to be rather different to concert that was held there 6 days earlier. (For Muse, see the - > Previous Journal Entry).

Tracy and I arrived reasonably early, in order to catch Bob Evans do his thing. Tracy wasn't all that interested, but I've been quite eager to see him live, ever since Norma from work bought in his album to listen to at work. He's basically a guitar-harmonica-vocalist with a great classic style that reminds me of the early 70's. I didn't know he going to be there until a day earlier, which was a pleasant surprise. The crowd, while most remained seated on their picnic rugs, appreciated him, even though most of them probably didn't know who he was, until he performed his trademark song - 'Dont you think its time'.

He was followed by Augie March. I was a little surprised to see men on the stage, as up until that moment I was expecting a female vocalist... called Angie Marsh... I've checked online, and apparently such a person does not exists. I remain confused, as the name sounded very familiar to me.

Augie March were ok, but forgettable. I certainly had a better time listing to Bob Evans.

Crowded house came on soon after. Now, I cant really think of how to express my feelings towards the main concert itself.... not because it was fantastic... and not because it was bad.... but it was simply somewhere in the middle and left me feeling pretty neutral. They played a lot of their old songs, which was pleasing, and a few of their new songs which were actually pretty good. None the less, the crowd didn't really respond to the new stuff, and thus there was a strange atmosphere in the air during those numbers.

The more I think about it, there was actually nothing wrong with the actual performance at all... Neil Finn has a great stage presence, and you could tell he was having a good time. He talked to the audience a lot, and when a streaker popped onstage (and was quickly ushered off) he quickly improvised some amusing lyrics into the song he was singing.

So what was wrong? Well, at every concert there are 4 main elements to make it a success. These are - 1. The performance 2. The Sound quality 3. The Venue 4. The Crowd. On this occasion, the crowd really let the thing down. I was surprised by the yobbo crowd that Crowded House managed to attract. Has this always been the case? I dont know... It was a over 18 gig. Which I thought would be a good thing... but the crowd gave it the sort of atmosphere that you see in a pub on a Saturday night, when no one really cares about the band onstage. Every single time a slow song was performed, or a song that people were not very familiar with, the crowd started chatting with each other... and they were not talking about how nice the evening is - they were talking about how drunk they are, how they want to get laid, general flirting, smaltalk and shit-talk. And they were doing so loudly, that you could hear the who audience rumble with conversation, whenever the drums or electric guitar were not being played.

I can only image what Neil was thinking during the slower 'Piano and Voice' numbers. I felt embarrassed.

The crowed just did not seem overly interested to connect with the performance. Instead they seemed like they were only there to drink, and sing along to the well known songs, while ruining the others.

After last weeks high at the Supreme Court Gardens, maybe my expectations were too high. I'm glad we went, but I would have been happy if many other people hadn't.



PS: As I write this, don_preacher and Heidi are at the Muse concert in Sydney. I cant wait to hear what Preacher has to say about it... its not really his style of music, but I hope he has a good time none the less.


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Nov. 18th, 2007 06:35 am (UTC)
i really think your perception of the concert last night was too harsh, for someone who didnt even know who Augie march is you seem to be quiet hypocritical in some of your comments, perhaps you had the rotten luck of been in an area where some peeps were talking during the newer songs. you have to expect that at every concert. not everyone is going to know every single song they play. i dont know every song they played, but i was waving and swaying to the music listening to the great lyrics sung by neil finn, as was every person around me. i came for the music and crowded house delevered every dollar we payed for plus miles and miles more. The crowd was inspirational with there singing, dancing and swaying with the music.Crowded House could see that by their generall reaction to the crowd and there overwhelming show spectacular. if you had bad seats or the unfortunate luck of been around teenagers talking.. move on and enjoy the concert somewhere else.. i had the best night of my life. thanks Neil Finn and the Boys! Yes Augie is a guys name :D
Nov. 18th, 2007 08:22 am (UTC)
Dear Sir/Madam,

Firstly, this a journal... not a blog. I dont pretend to be some music columnist trying to write for an information hungry audience. I'm not running a review service here. Its a journal, and I write what I've observed so I can read about it later.

Secondly - I attended the Friday Night Show - I can only assume that the crowd behaved differently on Saturday night. If they did - then lucky you.

In regards to Augie March - Hypocritical how? I gave them the same attention I gave Bob Evans and Crowded House. I listened to them and enjoyed what I heard. I spent the entirety of their set watching them and spoke not a word. They simply were not memorable to me, as a first time listener. Hypocritical? I'm sure that's not the right word for it.

In regards to my position to the stage - We were about 20m from the stage, dead centre. The people that were talking were not just the people within my vicinity. The place sounded like an airport from where I was standing.

In regards to not everyone knowing every song - Agreed. Not everyone will know every song. There is nothing wrong with that. However, I've been to a lot of concerts, and usually when a quit song is performed, the crowd is equally quiet in appreciation. There was very little of that appreciation on Friday night.

In regards to your comment about bad seats - Was the Saturday night concert seated? I only ask because I'm curious. In regards to moving - I was with a whole group of people, close to the stage. Moving during the concert would have been very impractical, and I doubt things would have improved in a different spot.

In regards to the show that was put on - As I mentioned in my post, the performance was fantastic, and was actually much more energetic that I was expecting. The drummer impressed me thoroughly :-)

We may have both gone to a Crowded House concert, but it sounds to me that the atmosphere at the two concerts was very different. As such, there is little point in arguing my points with you, since you weren't there.



PS: Please leave a name next time.
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