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Let me tell you the following...

Hello there,

A fair bit has happened since my last journal entry, and the length of the dot point list in front of me is a good reminder that I need to update my journal more frequently. Not that anything huge has happened since the last entry… but none the less, I would like these smaller, everyday things to be properly documented, and the longer I leave it, the less important it seems.

Due to time constraints, I will write the following in relatively brief point form, grouped into categories… though I'm sure I didn't have to explain that :P

Watched The Heartbreak Kid with Tracy, kelwebby and her man Dan. It was surprisingly entertaining, considering its poor rating on IMDB, and the poorer reviews I have been reading. There were a couple of stupid jokes, and a couple of ‘shock' jokes which I never find funny…. You know the jokes I mean – the ones they put into new comedies in order to shock the audience, so that people talk about it later and the movie gets more exposure through word of mouth. It's so gimmicky, and takes away from most of the films that use those types of jokes. Either way, it was entertaining through occasionally frustrating. 5.5/10

Watched Blades of Glory with Tracy, Markus and haze. I was surprised with hot good it was the first time I watched it a few months back… and repeat viewing certainly make it better still :-) We all laughed time and time again, and its slowly becoming one of my favourite movies from that genre. 7/10

Watched A Cock and Bull Story with Markus and Blake. Blake had been telling me how much he hated it for many many months now, and I was not expecting much. As such, I was quite surprised when he suddenly came up with the idea of watching it… had he forgotten what he'd been saying about it? No, but he simply felt it deserved another viewing, and I was glad to be part of it. It was fun. It is clearly a Winterbottom movie. I enjoyed the narrative structure, though wish they had kept it consistent for the whole movie. I cant really say too much more than that. I will watch it again. 7.5/10

Watched 24 Hour Party People again, for the first time in about eight years. The first time I watched it was back during it cinema release at Luna. I could not understand a damn word they were saying, and thus I hated it… This time, I had no problem… I obviously have a better sound system than Luna :-) This is another Winterbottom movie, and once again starred Steve Coogan, whom is becoming one of my all time favourite British actors. 7.5/10

I am running out of time – short point form to finish off

  • Went to Susan's wedding, where I met up with Judith, Maggie, Franka, Belle and Shane. Susan looked great, though I only barely managed to get to the church on time, as I had a lot of trouble finding a place to park in Clairemont.

  • Had a lovely BBQ last Friday night, with Tracy, Blake, Michelle and Daniel. It was fun, and the drinks we were consuming did not take away from that :-) We watched the first three episodes of the Amazing Race, spent some time playing Wii Tenis and Wii Boxing, before moving on to a long game of Mario Party 8 (which Tracy won for the first time… she immediately announced her retirement from the game). I got to bed at 0300, which is a pretty good effort at my age.

  • I finally finished The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It took me 69 hours – most of which were thoroughly enjoyable, while other parts were frustrating (though there were not many of these). I highly recommend it, and hope Blake starts playing it soon.

  • Speaking of the Wii, Tracy bought me Super Mario Galaxy last week. Its fantastic fun to play, and almost as much fun to watch (as player two). It's a single player game, but a second player can use another wiimote to interact with the world and help Mario out a little. It sounds a little boring, but it is not. I've only played for about 2 hours, so I'll write something more substantial about it later.

  • Mom left for Switzerland on the 16 November to try to look after some of our more senior family members. She returns on 8 December. I look forward to receiving news from the mutterland.

  • Caught up with Steven and Abbey. It was great as always, and I always wonder how we manage to loose contact for half-years at a time. We discussed the old TAFE days, politics, Australian Citizenship, Investment and family. Not a bad afternoon at all.

  • Picked up John's computer last Saturday. Its on its last legs, and I will try to save as much data from it as possible. Its infested with viruses and spyware and such. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do for it. I hope a re-install will buy another year or two of use… though I cant help but think that he should simply go out and buy a Mac :-)

  • Preacher arrived in Perth on 3 December, for his one month holiday in Perth. I am yet to see him, but if the rumours are to be believed, I shall bask in his aura on Saturday night. We shall wait and see. We plan to go to Esperance in a week or so. Should be good.

  • Markus has moved onto stage 3 of his rehab. As such, he is now able to leave the confines of the ‘Therapeutic Community' on Saturday afternoons, and return on Sunday. Pretty exciting stuff, since this opens the way for camping trips and the like :-)

  • Blake bought me the Complete Futurama Box Set for my birthday. He is a sweet kid :P We'll no doubt spend many quality hours together, making our way through each and every episode. Glorious!


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