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Christmas Eve, Christmas day - Before the events

Hello there,

Markus, Mother and Dad are coming around for Christmas dinner tonight. I'm looking forward to it, though U wish I wasn't working today. I wont have much time once I get home, since my family traditionally likes to eat early.

In order to increase the chances of having a timely dinner tonight, I prepared the roast last night. I stuffed it with garlic and smothered it with my secret combination of sauce, onions, herbs, spices and gravy. If you are reading this now (my time), then the lump of cow-flesh is currently in the fridge, slowly taking on some extra flavour, prior to its engagement with the oven. I plan to keep the centre a little pink. I am no roast master, but I will give it a go... and fail. That's the spirit!

I'm sure tonight will be amusing. The traditional collection of German Christmas carols, dad playing the guitar, and a dashing of good food. I'm sure the Wii will get used a lot. Everyone likes the Wii ^_^

All the Christmas presents have been bought (to the best of my knowledge) and I am ready to give and receive :-)

Tracy's parents, Adrian and Lena are coming over tomorrow, as per the original plan. A couple of weeks ago, everyone cancelled because Adrian was going to be in the mines. This annoyed Tracy and I a fair bit, but we got used to the idea. However, it turned out that Adrian was going to be in town after all. As such, the gathering is back on. I should not really comment, but Tracy's parents' involvement in our lives is... lacking. And this display enforced why. Enough said.


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