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A quick sum-up and some little suprise :-)

It has been a long time since my last update…. My last public update at last. I have embraced the concept of private entries as a means of recording my private thoughts. I like this… I do not feel like I have to write to anyone else but myself, which I think is a great step towards enjoying this ‘hobby’ more.

It has been an interesting couple of weeks, made interesting mainly by some expected, and some unexpected guests. The expected guests were Preacher and Makan, whom came over from Canberra to enjoy the Christmas break by getting together with family to celebrate. Preacher only stayed one week, while Makan is remaining in Perth until the end of next week. I haven’t seen much of Makan, but I guess that’s the way of it. He is currently staying with his mother in Atwell, which is (unfortunately) more than a casual drive away. As such, meetings have been restricted to weekends, and lunchbreaks in the city.

Preacher and I took a trip down to the Stirling Ranges for a night, and took great joy in climbing the Toolbrunup Peak. This peak has pretty much become our favourite walk in the south-west… it is a shame that we’ll only be able to enjoy it together once (or perhaps twice) a year from now on, but I’m quite sure that climbing it will become a traditional element of each of his returns to WA. The Tool (as we call it) is not quite as high as Bluff Knoll (the highest peak in WA), but it is a much more rewarding and natural experience… mainly due to the 380Degree views that it offers at its summit. Furthermore, very few people seem to be aware that it exists (everyone is busy climbing the bluff (as we call it). As such, you get the mountain largely to yourself, which creates a deeper since of freedom.

I have fond memories of trying to climb the Tool with haze about a year ago… it did not go well for the poor man, though I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. He had good reason not to climb the mountain completely… he was very hung over from the previous nights festivities :-) Silly man…..

In other news – my Godfather made a surprise visit to Perth last week. It’s the first time that I’ve ever been surprised to see someone… even if I wasn’t expecting them. He arrived in the early hours of New Year’s Day (quite a shame he missed New Years Eve, really). It’s the 3rd time that he has visited us, but the first time since I’ve moved into adulthood. As such, it made for a very different experience… not just for me, but certainly for him. I really enjoyed being able to show him around the city, and take him to the places that I enjoy. I took him to the Moon (café), which he loved, followed by Kings Park at night, and then Burswood. At Burswood we met up with Makan, before heading home. I dropped him off at my parents’ place, and Makan and I headed back to mine to play some pool and Wii. At 4am we called it a night… I had to be back up at 6am to drop Tracy off at work, then had to be at my parents’ for breakfast by 8… from there, I dropped Makan off at his mums place, on the way to Freo. My uncle and I spend a couple of hours walking around in Freo, before stopping off at Little Creatures for a drink and a quick snack. From there, it was back to Subiaco to pick Trace up from work. I got home around 4pm and felt terribly tired… too tired.. it took me a couple of hours to get to sleep.

Anyway, I must be going.

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