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Quite a busy time for movies...

For some reason, I have been watching more than the usual number of movies lately. I don't feel like I've spent that much time at the cinema, since I've been going a lot of other things as well. None the less, here are is my quick round-up of my recent viewings: -

American Gangster - This was probably one of the better movies I've seen lately. It reminded me of LA Confidential, but set in New York in the 1970s, minus the porn and told more from the drug-lords prospective. I'm inclined to give it a 8/10.

Cloverfield - I dont really have much to say about this. I appear to dislike New Yorker's... especially young-professional New Yorkers with young-professional friends - all of whom are attractive. With that in mind, it was no surprise that I failed to give a damn about any of them, and thus had little interest in their survival. There were a number of things that I liked - overall, I liked the fact that the whole thing unfolded from the POV of a small group of people. I liked the special effects. I liked the sound.... unfortunately, I hated a lot more things that I liked... too many to list here. I don't like writing more about movies I dislike, than about movies I like. 3.5/10

The Graduate - A classic movie I've been wanting to watch for a while, but never got around to it. I liked it. A lot of classic lines and scenes worth remembering. Would I watch it again? Probably not. But that does not mean that I didn't enjoy it. 7/10

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - A Tim Burton Film. A fact that ALMOST guaranteed that I would like it... and I did. That being said, I expected a lot more from it... I'm not sure what, but I expected more of 'it'. None the less, I enjoyed it whole heatedly. I love the Burton/Depp/Carter combination almost as much as I like the Anderson/Murray/Wilson/Schwarzman combination. You can always tell when the artists treat the creation of a movie, as a creation of a piece of art... rather than the manufacturing of a product. These guys love making movies and put in the effort to make it special, and I think that shines through with all of their films... even the ones that aren't as good :-) 7/10

Also - Tracy and I managed to sand and wash the majority of the walls in the house, in anticipation of the undercoat and eventual painting of these said walls. We still have to prep the master bedroom, the theatre and the study. None the less, we will continue the process this week, and hopefully have it done over the coming weeks.

Tis all.


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