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Neighbour John....

When I got off the train on my way home from work today, nothing could have prepared me for the news that was to come - John, my beloved neighbour, and his wife have decided to sell-up and are moving back to Queensland!

Apparently it is mainly Judy's choice, since she has been struggling to adjust to life in WA and finds the weather too mild for her taste. I would have thought that two years would have been enough time to get used to a place, but I guess her heart was not in it.

They will be leaving behind their son (in his 30s) and their grandchild(ren). I think she'll regret moving back, but I guess I don't know her well enough to say that for certain. John certainly does not seem very happy about it, but he concedes that he has to look after her welfare.

I wonder who will buy the house? I hope an owner-occupier will buy it, as the thought of having renters next door does not please me. Traditionally, for me at least, renters are bad neighbours as they don't seem to care as much for their home, or their neighbours.

I'm not the best neighbour myself. I'm sure I've annoyed a lot of people over the last 9 months with excessive noise coming from the Media Room, but John & Judy never complain about it, nor have they expressed any annoyance about it, when we've discussed it.

Anyway, I we'll wait and see what comes of this. The For-Sale sign is yet to be erected in front of their place, so perhaps there is still hope that they'll decide not to move after all. Fingers Crossed.


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