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So, its been 10 years....

Hello there,

10 years have passed since I asked Tracy out. I still remember the evening well, and fondly. That being said, I'm not about to re-live it here. Nor is it my intention to recap the last 10 years of our lives together. I doubt I will ever forget those years, and thus there is little reason to document them here.

Tracy and I have been looking at a number of fitting was to celebrate our anniversary. Mostly the options involved staying in luxury accommodation somewhere down south and having a relaxing weekend. We were mostly looking at the Margaret River/Busselton/Dunsborough area, though we also made subtle glances towards Albany, Kalgoorlie and Geralton. After failing to find anything decent that wasn't already booked out, I decided to check if there were any cheap flights out of Perth. There were cheap flights to Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore (Singapore being the cheapest), but the flights back were just crazily priced. Singapore (and KL) seemed like a fantastic fun weekend option, but we decided that it would not be worth the money, considering it was only for two days... though we definitely would have gone, if there had been more suitable flight.

So, in the end, we decided to go to Fremantle instead :-) A anti-climax? Perhaps. But it was enjoyable! The pizza we ate at Little Creatures was glorious, and the beer was pretty damn pleasing to. We listened to Roxette on the way home. Yes - it was as it sounds - almost perfect :P

We are quite eager to go somewhere again - and with these cheap Tiger flights, I'm sure it wont be too long before we head over to the eastern states... or Asia.

We ate dinner at the Indian Ocean Brewing Company. I enjoyed a Rib eye steak, while Trace had the risotto. Both meals were fantastic, as was the Indi Pale Ale I tried. That place shall continue to get my business, and I look forward to trying the other beers.


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