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I get ___Surrounded.... Blake gets a piano!

It has been a time of gifts! Some bought for each other. And some bought for ourselves.

My anniversary gift arrived for me today, in the form of Björk - (____surrounded):. It is basically a collection of Björk's seven primary studio albums, remixed in 5.1 Surround. The result is absolutely stunning, it really is. Some people will say that 5.1 is overkill, but I think it suits this sort of music wonderfully.

My current Björk collection. Volta was not part of the box set, I just put it in the shot to complete the picture

This boxset came to my attention quite a long time ago.. possibly about two years ago... and I've been waiting for it to drop down from its $200 price-point since then. I ran out of patience and ended up ordering it through ebay for half that price. I'm never too keen to buy from international sellers, but this was completely pain-free. I won the auction, I paid the money using paypal, and 4 days later, it was at my door... that's faster than I normally expect from Australian sellers

The only downside to this boxset is that the DVDs are authored horrendously. The menu system is absolutely ridiculous. It does not allow you to pause, rewind or skip while listening to a track, without using the Menu. I find it very annoying that I actually have to turn on my projector, just so I can navigate through the menu to listen to the songs. Crazy.

In other news - Blake has finally bought A Piano: The Collection by Tori Amos.. He too has been drooling over it for some time. And rightfully so. It is one of the most lovely box-sets I have ever seen. Beautifully packaged, with a very lovely book within, explaining the history and meaning behind the various CDs. I consider myself a very passive Tori. I love all her music, but dont seem to listen to it, which is quite a shame. I think she's very talented.

That is all.


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