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A Brief Post to bring things up-to-date

Dear Diary,

How is it that I think about updating my journal on such a regular basis, and yet I do not seem to do it nearly enough.... I think about it so often, that I actually forget that I didn’t update it at all... such has been the case recently. I'm startled, almost ashamed to see that there have been no updated for almost two weeks. So much for keeping it regular... where can I get some Metamucil for the mind? Bad image.. moving along.

I've downloaded xjournal. I only mention this because I hope it will pave the way for more regular updates. Now that I think about it, I have has just occurred to me why I do not update very regularly. I think it the same reason why I don’t email people regularly (particularly people overseas) - I always feel like I have to write an essay... and often I just do not have the time... so I end up not writing anything at all. I must master the art of writing short and mostly pointless entries, just like everyone else on here. Short, daily updates with the occasional, perhaps weekly lengthy babble. Or now. I guess I'm still finding my feet with this thing.

Makan left in the early hours of this morning to go back to Canberra. I saw him a couple of times during the last week, but don’t feel like I've spend enough 'casual' time with him while he was here. This is not a problem exclusive to him, but is something that happens whenever anyone comes here to visit. The weight of their impending departure always weights heavily on my mind... always... and thus makes things a little less comfortable.

In other news!!! - PM dumps Vanstone in frontbench reshuffle Shocking times indeed. I must confess that I always enjoyed Vanstone's leadership... as did everyone I work with. We are all professionals here, but I feel that Mr Andrews will face a bit of an uphill battle convincing the DIMA staff that he is the best leader for them... but in then this is politics, so it wont be us that he needs to convince. Either way, I'm very much looking forwarded to hearing his maiden speech (to us), which will pave the way for us to have an educated opinion of him.

The house - Things seem to move along in little 'explosions' of activity. We go up to have a look at the progress once every couple of weeks. Usually nothing will have changed (as was the case over the last 6 weeks, over the Christmas period), but every once in a while, they seem to do a hell of a lot in just a few days. It’s always a nice surprise. We signed the contact about 12 months ago, and it looks like it will be finished in 4 weeks. From what I can tell, there is not much left for them to do. They still need to cement the garage, pave the driveway, install the shower fittings, put in the hot-plate and clean up the site... there might be more, but I'm not an expert.

Realistically I think we will be moving in 6 weeks... it might be as soon as 3, but I'm not counting on it.

We are yet to organise the floor coverings (likely to be laminate-wood type stuff). We would have probable gone with an offer from Parrys Carpets in Malaga, were it not for the racist tirade that the crazy English salesman went on during the 'quotation' process. The man was a complete basket-case, and I have not seen such stupid/uneducated/selfish racism... basically since I left the UK. I felt physically ill for days because of that racist asshole... even now I feel the occasional bit of nausea just thinking about him... how does anyone become so stupid? As such, I beg you all not to EVER buy anything from Parrys Carpets in Malaga... the people that run the place do not deserve your business.

Last week Trace and I bought a lot of white (and brown) goods from The Good Guys. I think they have become my favourite electrical retailer, mainly due to the largely friendly staff, as well as the discounts that are achievable, with even a little bit of bartering. It’s hard to say how much money we actually saved, but there is no doubt that buying an entire home's worth of goods leads to a great bargaining position.

Tracy and I have been looking to buy a second car for some time now. The search began about 5 months ago, and may today come to a close. There are 4 cars listed for today's auction at Pickles. I'm hoping that the Fairmont will come through, though I will also be happy with one of the Futuras (with less km on the clock). I'm quietly confident that one will slip through the net and onto our laps today. I shall know within the hour... though depending on how long it takes me to finish this entry, I may know right now.. or now...

It’s Markus' 30th Birthday today. It’s hard to believe how quickly the time has passed since we moved to Australia. He's had some pretty crap times, but I'm hopeful that now that he is in a different age bracket, he will use the opportunity to turn things around (which he already started doing) and get ALL aspects of his life going in the right direction. He's pulled himself together a lot over the last few years. I'm very thankful and proud of him for that, but I'm hopeful that I'll eventually be able to stop worrying about him in the long term. He has recently commented on the possibility of him moving back to Perth. I think that would be fantastic for him, and I will be encouraging this as much as I can. All he needs to do is find a job (not a problem for him, since he is a qualified pastry chef) and a place to stay (a little more difficult, since renting has become a lot harder in recent years) Either way, Happy Birthday Markus, you lovable Hermit you...

Speaking of Hermit, Markus has named his Wii Mii Character Hermit... and incidentally, his virtual representation of himself is by far the most accurate. I'm quite jealous, and so is everyone else.

I have said enough....

... or have I... I cant believe mr_lambi has lost his Driver's Licence. We all make mistakes, but I'm still quite surprised at him.

Take Care,


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