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Be Kind Rewind


Last night I, Blake and Makan went to see Be Kind Rewind at Luna Leederville.

I first heard about this movie about 5 or 6 months ago, and the synopsis certainly had my attention. Basically, a guy accidentally erases a whole video rental store's video (because he was magnetised) in a poor part of mainland New York. As they are unable to afford to buy new copies (or get them quickly enough in order to sustain the business) they decide to re-shoot the movies themselves. Naturally, they have limited means with which to recreate some of these cinematic classics they decide to tackle... this, thus, leads to comedy happening.

This is the fourth movie by Michel Gondry, whom has previously bought us Human Nature, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep. Added to this are a swag of fantastic music videos for Beck, The White Stripes, Kylie Miogue, The Chemical Brothers and Björk. As such, my expectations were high, and given what I read and saw in the trailer, I made the assumption that I would not be disappointed.

I was disappointed.

When I first read about this, I was expecting it to be hilarious. I though it was going to be a satirical movie for movie lovers (not just for teenage movie lovers). I was expecting to see Jack Black and Mos Def acting out classic scenes from a lot of movies. I assumed the humour would be found in the subtlety of those two almost getting it right. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and I think the movie didn't get it right as a result. The beef of the movie was the actual story of the video store, and its imminent closure due to the redevelopment of the block they are located in.

I realise that this was a low budget movie, but it was easy to tell that most of the budget probably went on paying the actors wages, rather than the sets.

There were five memorable parts:
1. The Ghostbusters Scene in the Library... the 'shhh' was golden :-)
2. The Driving Miss Daisy 'you dont know how to read' scene. It had me laughing tears.
3. The Rush hour 2 'falling from the building' scene - it was golden :-)
4. Jack Black with the 'truck snout' while conveying King Kong.
5. The use of tomato pizza bases as blood splatter.

Put those things together and you get some classic moment.... tis unfortunate that those things probably amount to about 2 minutes of screen time... not quite enough to carry the other 92 minutes of the movie.

Some people will argue that this was a small movie with heart, but I failed to feel the heart in it.... and I tend to love small movie with said heart.

In conclusion - I have seen worse... much worse... but I really think they could have made more of this... much more - 4/10
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