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The Beauty of Motherhood

I just had a run-in with a mother at Bunnings....

I had just finished packing my soak-well pieces into the car and started reversing slowly out of my spot. Its a busy car park, thus extra slowness was required. After about a 10cm move, a woman carrying a baby suddenly appears behind my car, slammed her hand on my boot and called me a "dickhead".

I proceeded to wind my window down and apologised. I said I was going slowly because I could not see past the car next to me. I also said (because of the other kids around the place) "also, what your mouth around the kids, ay", to which she replied "oh fuck off". At that point "go fuck yourself" slipped out of my mouth by reflex....

The female companion that was with her seemed pretty embarrassed about her friend, which pleased me... I just wish I hadn't sworn back and lowered myself to her level at the last moment... I'll do better next time.
Tags: fighting with strangers, random rage

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