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Why do I not update more regularly, as to ensure my journal contain the same passion as the moments

Whenever I try to write a quick catch-up type entry, I always type way too much about a couple of topics and then forget about writing about the other stuff... usually just because of time constraints. I shall try to keep this brief.... try.

  • A new passion has emerged in my life - Flight of the Conchords. Its a fantastic show that Paul from work set me up with. Its about a couple of struggling New Zealand musicians in New York whom are struggling to make a living. While the initial draw card for the show are the (sometimes) hilarious songs, the series itself finds its own feet towards the end and don't rely on the music as much. The star of the show is definitely Murray - the band manager whom also works for the New Zealand embassy. Its a shame that the quality of the songs was not maintained for the whole season (it really drops after episode 6), but its a great show none the less :P

  • While the first week of Mario Kart Wii ownership resulted in a crap load of hours being clocked up playing it, week two saw a big drop in its usage. This was not due to the game itself however, but more due to my time being occupied with other things. I will explain those things a little later.

  • I saw Iron Man with Blake and Daniel a couple of Friday's ago. It was a surprisingly decent movie, which I had no intention of seeing to begin with. Its slightly different from normal 'Comic Book' movies, in that the hero did not actually possess any special powers himself. It was simply the fact that he had enough engineering knowledge to build himself a suit... thats what made him a superhero. I traditionally dislike Robert Downey Jr, but I'm starting to like him now. 6/10
    After the movie we met up with Tracy, Holly and Michelle, whom had made themselves comfortable at my place, playing Mario Kart and Wii Tennis. Their initial intention was to watch a couple of new episodes of Gray's Anatomy, but the lure of the Wii came over them :P We later tried to play some Worms, but Michele didn't like it.... and if Michele doesn't like something, it's shit and no one else is allowed to like it either, or be labeled dumb.
    At 23:45 Blake and I headed out for a coffee at our usual spot - Exomod. It was a little bizarre getting to the Café and finding that the Flying Scotsman was already closed. None the less, we 'sat and chat' (ed) for a while and eventually returned to my place to watch a couple of episodes of Conchords, before calling it a night at about 03:00. It might have been the lateness, but episode 7 was classic.... possibly my favorite of the season.

  • The following Saturday, Trace and I finally purchased some external lights for the house (normal bulb lights are already there, but we want nice ones :-) ). We also went to the new IKEA store, who's restaurant section made me feel like I was back in Switzerland. I loved it.. the meat balls are to die for :P We went there looking for some manner of DVD&CD storage system. For some reason, a stylish bit of furniture which stores such things simply does not exist. Why are all DCD/CD shelves/cases so damn ugly?!

    At Harvey Norman, we bought a Apple TV for $199 (down from $449) - I have no idea why it was that cheap, but I bought it for one reason alone - to sell it on eBay. We made $150 profit on that baby :-) - we should have bought the other one that was there as well.....

    That evening, Trace, Blake, Markus and I played Mario Kart for a couple of hours. Twas a hell of a lot of fun :P Earlier in the day I was trying to teach tracy the art of the powerslide. She is getting better at it and will be a force to be reckoned with soon enough. We then watched another couple of episodes of Conchords before Blake and I headed out to coffee again. We returned at 01:15, at which point I watched Markus play online for a little while. By 02:30 I was ready for bed.

  • Our new 24inch 3.06ghz iMac arrived on Monday :D It is glorious and beautiful and fast (espcially compared to my previous Mac Mini, which has been retired to the media room. Unfortunatelly I did have a little trouble migrating my data to the new computer (caused by some manner of hard drive failure on the Mac Mini... mid migration process), but I managed to get it all fixed up with the help of a new Hard Drive for the mini, and a firewire cable connected to the iMac. Changing the hard drive was pretty easy, though I was a little clumsy and rendered the DVD drive unless in the process.... not a big deal though, as I have a spare external DVD writer for the mini to use :P

    For computer related reasons, I went to bed at 01:30, 01:45, 12:30 and 12:30 on Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs respectively. In other words, it was not a good week for decent sleep.

    In order to avoid any future issued with data retention, I bought a 650gb external had drive and set Time Machine in action. I think it was a very worthwhile purchase and should save me a lot of trouble in the future.... hard drives and I have never gone well together :-)

  • Kelly came around on Friday night... unfortunately I was busy reinstalling the mac mini, and thus didn't get to see her very much. Perhaps next time. At 22:45 I was finished with that, and eager to head out for a coffee. Blake, as always was wanting and willing. Makan decided that 22:45 on a Friday night was too late for him to go out. He is a strange man. Incidentally, he also suggested that he would come around on Saturday night and enquired about my address in the late afternoon to facilitate this.... but he never actually turned up. The previous Saturday he stated that it was getting a bit too late for him to come over.... at 19:30! Perhaps once a month the moons and planets align just right, to enable him to leave his house. Even after sunset.

That is all for now.

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