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Just two updates in May..... its just not good enough!

Hello there,

onto the points then -

  • My energy levels have suffered a lot, mostly due to my current work in Citizenship. I'm tired.... I feel drained..... and quite frankly, if there was not a light at the end of the tunnel, I would be going insane! I really need a break from work.... for a week or so to get my enthusiasm for things back. Its been a long time since I've felt to Zombiesque... It is strange then, that I am currently considering staying in citizenship beyond my current 'out' date, at the end of June. I'm not sure where this strange desire comes from, but it could simply be an aversion to change. It could also be because a few of the other 'task-force' members are considering staying, and I feel like the section could be pretty good once there is new (and permanent) new blood in it.

    I like the idea of regional travel... that being said, the travel done in Citizenship is far from a holiday... the schedule is extremely tight and usually results in people coming back with a days worth of flex, after a two day trip (with no time to actually take a day off). So while the trips might be fun at first, I think the novelty would wear down pretty quickly.

  • We bought Wii Fit a few weeks ago. I've been trying to use it regularly, but have not quite managed to make it part of my daily routine. None the less, I do use it every second or third day, and usually mange to clock up at least 40min of time in the Fit Piggy.

    I am officially 'Overweight' - this is no news to me, of course, and I actually welcome its honesty in that regard. I do find myself motivated to get my ass below that line and be classified at 'Ideal'.

    The Aerobic exercises are probably the most beneficial. The Hula Hoop and the Jogging are definite favourites for me. The muscle workouts take the piss out of me (particularly the Push-up and Side Plank), and I probably don't do enough reps at the moment, in order for them to be truly beneficial.

    Lombardi and Blake popped over tonight and spent a bit of time playing it... below is a vid of Lombardi doing the hoola. Everyone looks like a twat when doing this exercise (just have a look at everyone else's youtube vids), Lombardi is simply the first person I've actually bothered to film :P If you have a spare five minutes, please have a look. (excuse the trash talk) (Michael, let me know if you want me to remove this)

    Wii Fit alone will not change my body in any great manner - but it has inspired me to move around more, and has got me seriously thinking about riding and jogging again - I love seeing my progress on graphs. And Wii Fit is certainly good for that, plotting BMI and Weight changes on a daily basis. I found myself eating less junk today as well, as a direct result of Wii Fit... it is not a miracle product, but it does inspire.

  • Watched the following movies:
    - Code 46 - Great movie making, nice narrative, great acting.... but the plot and characters just were not strong enough for me. 5.5/10
    - Indiana Jones 4 - So many things to bitch about here.... so many things... George Lucas is a rich idiot who has no idea about movie making. Spielberg disappointed me for only the second time (the previous time being War of the Worlds). I will waste no more time on this. 3/10
    - Castle in the Sky - A surpisingly refreshing movie by the fellow/studio that made Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. It felt a little long, and was a little tedious towards the end, but I did enjoy myself watching it. 6.5/10

Cheers for now :P

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