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I love it when a home theatre comes together....soon

…and my lunchbreak begins… NOW!

Dear Diary,

How strange it is to think that my glorious (and, in my view, mostly realistic) home theatre plans are finally starting to come together :-) A little over a year ago, I bought the first piece of my (realistic) dream theatre. It was the Richter Thor IV Sub. I spent a lot of time researching subs, before I made my decision to buy it, and have not regretted it once since. It is truly glorious, and I can’t wait to set it up in my own theatre room, once our house if finished. I’m currently using it in Adrian’s theatre room, which is a parallelogram shape, with a big ‘opening’ on one side, and an un-sealable entrance next to that…. In other words, it’s pretty much an audiophiles nightmare… its nice looking, but the acoustics of the space are shocking… it’s a maze of standing (and cancelled) waves. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what it can due to a rectangular, sealed room.

My expectations are largely based on what it used to sound like, when I had it in our bedroom. The thing is gloriously intense, when it’s set up correctly… needless to say, it currently is not.

Around the same time as the sub, I also bought a 120" Projector Screen.

About 5 months ago, I made the second purchase. This was the Panasonic S52 DVD Player (Link is to the global Panasonic website, as the Australian one is down at the moment). This DVD player is by no means a beast, but it does everything that I want it to do, including DivX and HDMI. I am satisfied, and until Blue-Ray becomes affordable, I see no reason to buy anything else to replace it.

The last month or so have been very busy, in regards to purchases… this is fuelled mainly by the fact that we will soon be moving. We are both getting energised by this, and we can’t wait to finally have our own space.

We recently bought the projector (Panasonic PT-AX100 (Link is to the NZ Panasonic website, as the Australian one is still down)), as well as the LG HD LST-5403P DVR.

I must say that the combination of these two products is spectacular. It has been a very long time since I have experienced the wow factor, but these two things certainly managed to create that. I was blown away with how clear the 1080i picture is, and I can only image what 1080p would look like (though I doubt that the difference would to very dramatic).

I find that true 1080i/p High Def really only reveals itself on a really large screen. While the difference between SD and HD are noticeable on our 42" plasma, the difference is not spectacular… I appreciate the increased picture quality, but it does not blow my socks off. On our 120" projector screen however, the difference is very noticeable indeed.

….as just mentioned, we also got a Panasonic TH-42PV60APlasma, as our standard TV for the lounge… tis also good.

Last Saturday, I bought a set of speakers from The Loudspeaker Kit in Leederville. More specifically, I got the following kits:

2 x TL6 - Main front Channels
1 x C6 - Centre Channel
2 x M5 - Side Channels
2 x M4 - Rear effect Channels

I have been constructing them for the last few days.... and now I'm going to have to buy another $400 worth of veneer to make them look pretty :-) I thought the veneer would cost me around $150... how wrong I was. I’m trying to make up my mind of what look to go for. I’ve found that the best prices/products seem to be from World Timber Traders I like the Jarrah, Queensland Cherry and the Western Red Ceder... though I'm sure that I'll change my mind, once I see them in real life. There is a fairly good chance that I will end up going for the Jarrah… mostly because I like it, and also because it’s Australian.

Any opinions?

I will soon upload some photos of the speakers, as a work in progress. I have very little handyman skills, but what I lack in skill, I make up with patience.. at least I like to think I do. haze has been giving me a hand, as has my brother Markus. It really is a lot of fun making these things, I just wish I had a proper work-space to do it in… even just a work-bench would be nice. At the moment I’m constructing them on the floor, next to Adrian’s pool table.

In other news, Tracy and I went to the Morley Ale House last night, with Kelly and her mother…. As always, it was quite a laugh…. Even though they have increased their Schnitzel prices by $2.95… damn them a little..

Lunchbreak over… Now!



Ps: Cheers!
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