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Why is it that every time I start writing, I feel like I'm wasting time and should be doing something else? Shouldn't I been vacuuming? Mopping? Doing some laundry? Shave? do some weeding? Arrange to get the car serviced? Organise my photos? Put some silicone around the edge of the kitchen sink to stop it from leaking? Shouldn't I be looking at skirting boards and door strips for the flooring? Should I be out the back, digging the remaining soakwells? We still haven't got a side-gate.... perhaps I should be thinking about that?! Shouldn't I be calling the friends I've been intending to call for months? There are 4 rooms left to paint! Bloody hell. Instead I'm here writing about those things, rather than doing them. I hate it, but don't seem to be able to find the mental energy I need to spend my days off working on these projects. I probably use about the same amount of energy stressing about these things, then what I would use if I actually completed one of them.

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