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Nintendo @ E3 - OMGWTF?!

I cant believe I just stayed up till 1:20am on a weeknight to watch Nintendo's E3 press conference....

More to the point, I cant believe how shit it was.... I honestly cant believe the shit they 'unveiled'.

The Shit
* Wii Music, now that we've been told how it works, is just embarrassing... What the fuck are they thinking?!
* MotionPlus - Basically confirms that the wii remotes are inaccurate shits... they should have been made properly from the start!! Its basically just a FIX!!!!!!!!!!
* No DS revision... I've been waiting for one... I was really expecting one...
* No Wii Firmware update news.... the Wii interface is boring, uninspiring and completely lacks any manner of online social vibe. No DVD playback, no MP3 playback. NOTHING!
* There was just nothing noteworthy mentioned. Nothing.

The Neutral
* Wii Sport Resort - could be fun... but I dont think I'd spend money on it.

The Good
* The Wii mic thing - Fantastic - its about time.... Nintendo is playing Johnny-come-lately, but at least its here now.
* GTA for DA - Fantastic - should be great.

As far as I can tell, there have been NO noteworthy improvements to the Wii since it was released. Nintendo has become bloated with money, and they have become lazy. Its been 18 months since its release - this would have been the perfect time to pull a rabbit out of the hat and show everyone that the Wii is not a one-trick-pony.

Nintendo prides itself on having bought games to the masses.... but even people who are new to games will eventually want something more challenging/interesting than what the line of 'Wii' software is currently offering. Nintendo should be moving and evolving its products in order to keep new gamers onboard. That does not mean they have to neglect the new casual gamer market - it means investing some damn money to ensure that both new and 'developing' tastes are catered for.

I was hoping for something exciting, and instead we've been treated to a bunch of baby games. I'm disappointed and I'm angry. I feel like I've been duped into thinking they were going to move forward with their products this year. I assumed they were going to invest some money back into their products, to at least bring some elements to a par with 'other' systems. Instead we were treated to a press conference resembling a Wiggles concert.

Its late and I'm tired and I'm probably not writing coherently. None the less, I wanted to write this before I loose my passion for the topic.

I really like a lot of things about Nintendo, and I've never liked the idea of owning more than one console... but I'm starting to think about it...


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Jul. 16th, 2008 04:17 am (UTC)
I agree that it was outrageous for them to announce such a woeful future line of products.
They seem to have shot themselves in the foot.
There are some people online defending Nintendo by saying it was a press event and not meant for the public.
Obviously those people are fools that somehow think that the press isn't a middleman between a company and the public.
The publications are going to report about exactly what we saw, a big pile of underachievement.

Jul. 17th, 2008 12:51 pm (UTC)
Animal crossing
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