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Tropic Thunder and more

Since disabling anonymous comments a few days ago, the amount of people trying to leave comments anonymous comments appears to have increased sharply. People always want what they can’t have :-) I'm rather curious to see what these new people are wanting to say... as such, I will loosen the settings a little and use the 'screening' method. We'll see how that goes for the time being.

Just a side note: the side-gate (a project first mentioned in April last year) has finally been put in place. I find it ridiculous that I had to pay a man a week's worth of my wage for a $230 gate and 2 hours with of labor. I am clearly in the wrong industry. A sign of the times I guess. Nonetheless, I am happy with the work that was done, and the guy gave us one of the cheapest quotes.

To correct my previous post - Blake actually leaves on Wednesday 20.08.2008. The man has been getting more and more anxious over the last two weeks and I'm sure he's tensions will ease when he's finally sitting on the plane, next to a beautiful woman. Make of that what you will.

Ah yes, Tropic Thunder. About 9 months has passed since I first saw a trailer for this movie, and I've been yearning to see it ever since. The fake documentary trailer 'Rain of Madness (which was released a few weeks ago) further fuelled my hunger for it.

So, how did it stack up after so much expectation? Very well! Seriously. I enjoyed more than I thought I would. I'm always suspicious of movies with great trailers, but this one failed to disappoint. That being said, I always find it easier to discuss the bad elements of a movie, rather than the good. As such, I will mention the following flaws:

1. The product placement - C'mon! Don’t these movies make enough money already? I lost count of how many times Tevo was mentioned. It lost a full point with me, just for that.
2. Jack Black's role - I love the guy, but his character really didn't fit in very well. As though he was added as a last minute afterthought.
3. The Tom Cruise cameo - I'm completely over Tom Cruise... completely. Seeing him on screen being funny did not work for me at all... his assistant was terrible as well... in fact, all the scenes featuring the Cruise and his assistant were just tedious and felt like the Indulgent Hollywood they were trying to parity.
4. The 'retard' lines, while amusing in a way, were just a little bit too insensitive in my view.

Overall though, a nice fun little movie with a glow of bronze, with occasional moments of gold. 7/10

Just a quick winge about livejournal now. I'm there these answers to my questions can be found deep within the depth of some lj developers community, but I will pose them here nonetheless. I do not expect answers.

- Why is there no easy way to embed emoticons? Like they have on deviantart?
- Why are images so damn cumbersome to upload? Why does the iPhoto plugin no longer work? Why haven’t they developed their own?
- Why is there no apparent/useful web 2.0 implementation? (like deviantart?)
- Why have they not put in more effort into making images and videos easier to embed? (like on deviantart?) I should be able to embed an image and upload it into my scrapbook at the same time!
- What exactly is my money going towards? Someone I know has been part of lj for 8 years, and he claims that he has seen very few improvements over that time.

I want to use LJ simply due to the fact that it is a dedicated journal site... I just can’t understand why it isn't much better than it is. I used to use the deviantart journal before moving here, and I cant help but to constantly think how much more refined that journal system was (and still is)

However, I must stress that for all the things that I hate about it, I still love it.... not as unconditionally as I'd like to, but I do.

Michelle and Daniel are now at the halfway point of their four-week trip around Japan. We haven’t heard from them in a few days, which is probably a good thing - it means they are having a good time. Japan is certainly a popular destination these days. There are quite a few people I know heading there this year. I Hope that Trace and I might be able to head to its snow-capped peaks at the end of next year... perhaps we'll have time for a side-trip to Korea. Blake should be settled in by then.

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