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You may recall that a few months ago, I had a little incident involving a grass plant and my eye. If you do not, feel free to have a look here.

People kept telling me that eyes take a long time to heal, but I didn't realise that they were talking about months Nonetheless, the eye has made itself known again and is now breathing bloody vengeance down my back. Furthermore - just as I thought things were returning to normal, a twist occurred; my left eye has also been infected.

I look like a crazy old red-eyed druggy.... in fact - I feel that very way. Earlier today while I was at work, I put some eye-cream in my eye... the same cream I used 3 months ago. It appears that the cream has thickened a little over time, which resulted in me wondering around in a daze for about 30 minutes before my vision cleared up again. Good times.

* In Brugge - Decent movie, set in a nice city which is close to my heart. Brugge was one of my favourite destinations, and I probably concentrated more on IT than then movie itself. Acting was great, though the characters were a little contrived. 5.5/10

I've been feeling increasing nervous about the International lunch we are having at work this Friday. It's quite funny really - I love cooking, and I like cooking for Trace.... but for some reason, cooking for other people stresses me out.

I've kinda decided to make a Beef Stroganoff, though I'm not really sure about that yet. My strog seems to be nicer when its fresh, and I'm nervous that it will be all lumpy and such when I bring it to work. Perhaps I should make some manner of casserole instead... or perhaps something new entirely. Lord knows! Perhaps I could make a little mini-fondue?! not as easy as it sounds though, especially when you consider that most people will only have a mouthful at best.

I shall make up my mind tomorrow.

In short - Jen's Birthday drinks last Friday night were a lot of fun. I just wished the Queens was open later.



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