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A few photos, to light the way

Dear Diary,

As per my previous post, I come before you to show you some photos of the speakers I have been working on, with some help from haze and my brother Markus.

This will be my first post, featuring images, so things are bound to go horribly wrong... but here it goes.

Firstly, a pic of one of the boxes that the TL6s came in...

Incidentally, ever since I started entertaining the thought of building these speakers about a year ago, I had envisioned that I would document each step of the process carefully.... I only realised a day after I started that I actually forgot to do this. I was too excited :-)

Either way, here is a pic of one of the boxes the M5s came in... visible is the aucustic stuffing, as well as some tuning ports (the tube things)

Here is a pic of the crossover, screwed into place... naturally this crossover will be hidden inside the TL6.

Here you can see some of the panels for the TL6

And suddenly, its all in one piece...

A pic of the M4s (the smaller ones) and the M5s...

Both TL6s next to each other... one still with braces on :-)

As mentioned, the next step is to veneer them... exiting times. I will try to take a few more pics during that process, but I just get too excited and forget to document things :P

Lets see if this actually works :-)


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