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I don't use this userpic often enough... or do I?

I have been iMac-less for over a week now. It has not been easy.... mostly because casual web browsing feels so damn uncasual in media room. If all goes well, I should be able to pick my delicious apple up tomorrow after work.... though I've heard that before.

The reason I am actually writing - The projector bulb is well and truly on the way out now... it is starting to flicker and the picture has started dimming considerably... this evening. Its funny how this has happened from one moment to the next. I'm not surprised. The bulb has been running for about 2900 hours, and the bulb is rated to about 2600 hours.

I shall have to go and order a new bulb tomorrow... They cost about $500... one of the extra costs of having a 120" screen. Its a lot of money, but I'm happy yo pay it... I cant imagine not having my media room these days. Everything else seem so small :P

The reason behind the userpic is the thought that the bulb might actually blow before the new one arrives, and the iMac might not be back before then either... in other words - I might be internet less at home. Oh the horror.


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