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Preacher in Perth, and more

I need to do a journal entry before Trace and I go on our trip. As such, here it is - rushed a raw!!!!

Trip South
Preacher arrived in Perth on Saturday, touching down at 15:15 at the domestic terminal. As it was the only weekend that we'd be able to catch up on, we decided that a fitting way to spend the time would be a trip to the stirling ranges. As such, after his four and a half hour flight, I picked him up at the airport, and we headed south from there. The late pickup gave me ample time to organise and pack everything - so much so that it was, by far, the most organised I had ever been while camping. I remembered everything that I wanted to bring... even managing to pack some nice glasses for enjoyment of scotch.

I burnt many CDs to entertain us (me?) on the four and a half hour drive. I made a playlist of all my five-star rated songs, and sorted them by 'length', shortest first. Naturally the first CD was filled with Cat Stevens, and other classic artists... there were 7 CDs in total (though I culled the list down a fair bit).

On the way along Salt River Rd (which caresses the northern boundary of the Stirling Range National Park I hit a small Kangaroo. Not a Joey, but certainly not an adult. Preacher and I sat in the car, looking upon its unconscious bulk, plotting how to put it out of its misery. I realised that I didn't have any tools in the car that would do the job decently enough. So we sat, and watched as it twitched... it was not a good feeling. Luckily we waited, since after about 20 minutes of lying there, it actually raised its head tried to get to its feet. There was no blood, and its legs did not appear to be broken. Eventually it managed to get to its feet, though it didn't hop away or anything. None the less, it seemed like a good time to leave the scene. At the moment of impact we were probably doing about 50km/h... I do not pretend to think that it was completely unharmed, but I do think that it will be ok. There are no lions or Crocodiles in the south-west after all. I must remember to place a instrument of death in my car before I do on the next country trip. I hope I never have to use it, but I will if I have to. Its the humane thing to do.

We set up the tent and commenced cooking dinner. While cooking, we enjoyed a Cooper's Pale Ale. While eating chicken and beef kebab we drank a Hoegaarden Grand Cru. While eating one of the most delicious steaks in the world (From 'Star of the North' in Currambine) we drank of some wonderful red wine. The after dinner drink of choice was some Glenfiddich 12-year Single Malt Scotch Whisky. In the tent we started talking crap, as we often do, and eventually causes a lady to yell out and tell us to be quiet.

In the morning we left the tent with some embarrassment, and packed up camp quite quickly.

Mt Trio was a ok. It was no where near as good as our beloved toolbrunup, but it did have some great views. Trio doesn't have a nice summit though... there is not peak as such. And as such, it just wasn't as satisfying as reaching the rocky summits of the Tool (or even the bluff).

It was a much easier trek than we are used to... though I was/am in a rather unfit state and thus struggled to move my ass up the initial steep (and steppy) track. Overall, it is like a smaller Bluff... we did it in two hours, which is much more manageable time-wise... though less satisfying.

It was a short and decent trip. The meal the night before made it all worthwhile.

Call of Duty 4
I've been playing much of this game. Its fantastic, though is certainly not a Sandbox game. Not that that's a problem for me these days. I like being able to play the relatively short missions, without needing to remember tiny details in order to progress to the next. The graphics (to my Wii eyes) are spectacular and some scenes really do look photorealistic.

Lombardi Leaving
Lombardi leaves for Melbourne next week. We shall catch up on the morning of the 6th no doubt, before Trace and I head to the Gold Coast. Melbourne is probably a good choice for him. There is certainly a lot more work available there, which will hopefully lead to steady income. I hope he does well and finds a place to settle down. He's been unsettled for a long time.

Drinks with Dale. Steve and Makan
E-von and Dale's going away drinks turned into a night which could have gotten a lot messier than what it was. We drank a lot, and I'm slightly surprised that I didn't vomit at any point. I felt the desire to do so on a couple of occasions, but managed to keep it together. E-von, Marie and Ros had to leave early due to other commitments, which was a real shame. The evening concluded at about 12:30 am (not bad from a 4pm start) and featured a trip to Makan's office to pick up his laptop, and a trip into my office to pick up the Coffee Machine I had bought earlier in the day. There was a stressful moment at the Alarm deactivation panel, as I was thumbing around trying to enter my code correctly... but enter it correctly I (eventually) did :-)

I slept on the train, caressing it lovingly as we made our way to its new home to the north.

Judith's Party
I met up with Judith (for her Birthday), Paul and Peer at the Brisbane for some drinks. There I met Mark for the first time. People keep asking me what I think of him, but I really didn't get a chance to chat with him in a Natural manner because of all the noise. He seemed ok, but I'm not about to blow his trumpet until (if?) I get to know him. It was not a bad night, but I was happy to head home at 23:30.

That is all for now.

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