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Christmas and new year well wishes and such

 You want to know? then I will tell you!
I have just returned from a quick lunchtime drinky with Dale and a couple of other work folk. It is the day before Christmas and there is a happy holiday vibe in the air. Luckily our clients think so as well, as we've had very few through the door today.
Soon 5 days of glorious public holiday leave will commence. It almost seems too good to be real :P Even though its only been a couple of months since my last break (over east), I am in need of a few days off. I'm not being negative about anything, but I just feel tired and want to sleep-in a few days in a row.
It's been a interesting year, which has seen the return of Makan, and the departure of Blake (damn you Blake). Lombardi arrived back from Canada, and subsequently moved to Melbourne in November. It's seen me finally get a 4 at immigration, and I am generally quite content with work. Trace and I have painted the whole house, and we've changed all the light-fittings. Exciting indeed. There are other things.... just look at my old entries.
I'm quite excited about the coming year. I use 'excited' for both fun and stressful reasons. There are a few things on the cards which are likely to result in some changes to our lifestyle.
Firstly - we are hoping to get married at the end of 2009... though there is a chance that might get pushed back until early 2010. There is a lot to organise for that, and I find myself stalling all the time. I find the task, and the money involved, daunting.
Secondly - Our investment property (documented here) is currently six months ahead of schedule (due to be finished in October). That means that we will have to take on a rather sizeable dept this year, rather than next year. While I'm still confident that things will work out fine with it, I am still somewhat nervous about the huge dept involved. I will have to watch my spending a lot more... which brings me to the next point:
Not so sure about our holiday next year anymore - The plan was to go for Japan for three weeks or so, and then head to South Korea for a further week or two. It suddenly feels like we wont be able to do that... While I wont rule it out just yet, we will have to make up our minds later in 2009, once we can see what the real financial situation is like :-(

We are now also relatively actively looking for a patio - we've seen quite a few that we like, and the nice ones don't cost as much as they used to (thank god for fake wood). I'm not sure when we'll actually select one and start the process of having it shire-approved and such, but I also want to get the paving done at the same time. I cant wait to have something more than a sandpit in the backyard. A place to sit and enjoy a coffee while reading the newspaper on a Sunday morning. I daydream about it often.

My parents and markus are coming around for christmas dinner tomorrow. They came around last year as well, and I generally quite enjoy the excitement of cooking for them. I'm a little more nervous this time though, since I'm cooking something that requires timing and planing. I usually just make a stroganoff or a casserole or such.. something that does not require too much time management. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I just hope I've got everything I need.
I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and new year.


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