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East Coast Wanderings: Sydney

Hello there,

I'm not sure if I'll get around to writing a full entry about Sydney, even though I had a fantastic time... so rather than simply not mention it again, I thought it would be best to simply upload some photos.

We had a great time in Sydney, and it was great to catch up with Preacher.... and the Yum Cha... oh the yum cha :-)



Pure Apple Pure Apple

I know I've turned into a bit of Mac whore, but the stairs inside the Mac Store in Sydney made me feel like I was walking inside a apple spaceship or something.
Excited me at the Apple Store Excited me at the Apple Store

I was surprisingly astonished to be in that damn store. I had forgotten that there was one in Sydney, and simply coming across it was pure bliss... even though I didnt buy anything :-)
Apple Store logo Apple Store logo

Yes.... I really am at the Apple Store :-)
Peter and Trace at the Harbour Bridge Peter and Trace at the Harbour Bridge

The bridge really is quite fantastic. Such a wonderful monument.
Happy times in Sydney Happy times in Sydney

Another day.. another photo in front of the bridge. We actually walked across it a few hours later... a experience only spoiled by the suicide prevention things all along the walkway.
Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House

Its a interesting building, thats for sure. That being said, I was much more fascinated by the fantastic acoustics in the main auditorium. I'm glad we managed to catch a show there.
Cup-Cakes Cup-Cakes

There are supposed to be the best cup-cakes in Sydney. At least thats what the shop sign claims. Trace we pretty happy with them, and so was Dave.
Yum Cha - How I love thee Yum Cha - How I love thee

Dave, Trace and I enjoying a feast at Merigold's. Some of the best yum cha I've (we've) ever had. Certainly the best variety.
Queen Victoria Building Queen Victoria Building

A old shopping mall in a grand style. The hanging clocks are famous (though we had never heard of them before). Here you can see Trace and Preacher admiring the craftsmanship.
Löwenbräu Keller Funtime Löwenbräu Keller Funtime

Gimmicky as it is, I absolutely love the Löwenbräu restaurant at The Rocks.
Did she really drink all that? Did she really drink all that?

No, she did not. But she was happy to pose :-)
You like it Preacher? You like it Preacher?

I know you do... there is something very satisfying about holding a stein in your hand... now drink!
Me. Happy with Löwenbräu Me. Happy with Löwenbräu

Good Food | Good Atmosphere | Good Beer | Good Company... overall, a great experience. I loved the german band playing traditional drinking songs. (no photos were taken of them)
Drunk-dial time :-) Drunk-dial time :-)

This is me drunk-dialling Blake in South Korea. I'm not sure what he's views on the topic are, but it was worth every cent it cost to call him from a German themed restaurant in Sydney, clutching a stein with a belly full of beer and food and a head full of nonsense.
Bottoms up Bottoms up

Given time, we would have drank a second stein... but for some reason we did not have the time :-)
Atmospheric Delight Atmospheric Delight

You really think you're back in the Mutterland
The Bridge at night The Bridge at night
The Opera House at night. The Opera House at night.

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