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Camping & Kayaking

Hello everyone,

Tracy, Markus, Michelle & Daniel, Kelly and I went on a little Camping & Kayaking trip in Dwellingup.

We left late yesterday afternoon (once Trace was done with the Christmas sales) and got to Dwellingup at about 19:30. We were initially discouraged by the half-dozen signs telling us that ALL SITES ARE FULL in the Lane Pool Reserve on the way to the park entrance. We decided to take our chances and ended up camping in a day-use area.... it was fantastic :P we had a huge area to ourselves, with the only downside being that we had to carry the gear about 70m from the car... no big drama. I knew we would not leave a mess behind, so I didn't feel guilty about camping in a undesignated spot.

Markus finally got to use his tent that we bought him for his birthday (last Jan!) and he appeared very happy with it. While setting up camp, I realised that I had left Tracy and I's sleeping bags and pillows at home. Luckily Kelly bought an extra blanket, and we used towels for pillows.

Even with the new self-inflatable air mattress I had bought at the sales earlier in the day, I had a terrible nights sleep, as the blanket wasn't really big enough for Trace and I... I will freezing and spent many hours in a half-awake-half-asleep lucid state.... the lack of sleep is resulting in me being in a rather lucid state now as well, so you'll have to excuse me if this whole thing reads like a dogs breakfast.

Anyway - before we went to bed, we ate dinner, drank a bit of fun-ness and looked at the amazing stars on display away from the city lights.

The follow day we packed up and headed into town to have breakfast before picking up the Kayaks. Having previously eaten at the Dwellingup Cafe, we thought we'd try the other prominent café in town - Millhouse Cafe & Chocolate Co.

Now, what can I say about this place without ending up with a similar situation to this on my journal?

The place looked very nice - neat and tidy and with a nice airy atmosphere. The guy taking our orders was pleasant enough. My pancakes were... terrible. The worst I have ever eaten... then came with a tiny bit of honey on them and were try as hell and almost impossible to cut. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced they were stale pancakes that you can buy at the supermarkets. Michelle's were the same as mine. I think everyone had something on their plate that wasn't quite right.

....the fact that the waiter had a great big uncovered and bleeding gash on his hand didn't help this situation.... The more I think about it, the more amazed I am that we actually ate and didn't hurl. When we saw him bleeding.

...the coffee was actually very nice though - one of the best I'd had in recent times :-)

Seriously though - Avoid this place. The Dwellingup Café is not spectacular either, but they do have friendly service and decent food.

Anyway - below are some photos that will finalise this story, while also visually representing what occurred on the evening prior.



A view of the camp A view of the camp

As you can see (yes, I know you can't) our camping spot was glorious!
Those Crazy Girls #1 Those Crazy Girls #1

Kelly and Michelle trying to spell out some manner of word. I cant remember what the word was, but I'm sure it was naughty.
Those Crazy Girls #2 Those Crazy Girls #2

..... indeed... indeed it was...
A different view of the Camp A different view of the Camp

Due to the long exposure, there appear to be two Michelle's in this shot - What a nightmare!
Daniel not looking his best Daniel not looking his best

I'm not sure how this happened, but Daniel looks huge in this photo... probably the many layers.
The handsome couple :-) The handsome couple :-)

Clearly the drinkies started to take effect around this time
Michelle - Charades Michelle - Charades

I word you say... a film you say.... two syllables you claim? God I suck at this.
Fun times? Fun times?

Perhaps, though Markus doesn't look too pleased. Perhaps he too sucks at Charades.
Pretty Sparklers Pretty Sparklers

Isn't it illegal to use these during a fire ban in a Nature Reserve? Blame Kelly - the bringer of fun.
Yes, the sparklers might cause a bush-fire Yes, the sparklers might cause a bush-fire

...but they are such fun. You need not be concerned.
One powerball you say? One powerball you say?
Marshmallows a-cookin' Marshmallows a-cookin'

Michelle trying to roast this fine dessert using the gas lantern.
He knows he's backed that car real good He knows he's backed that car real good
Markus makes himself useful Markus makes himself useful

....not that he isn't useful already
Waiting... Waiting...

The bloody Kayak hire place was closed due to the guy making a 'delivery'... we arrived at 9:05 and the guy didnt get back until after 10:00... pretty shit service, considering we had a booking.
It begins! It begins!

Daniel and Michelle take the first steps toward being water-borne
Go man go Go man go

Markus had no issues with his one-man canoe.
The way ahead The way ahead

Trace and Kelly survey the way ahead visually. Our safety was their primary concern
Rest Time Rest Time

Kelly takes a little break in the shade... and certainly looks happy doing it.
The first posers The first posers

Good brotherly times
The second posers The second posers

Good loverly times
The Romantic The Romantic

So nice to see him offer to help his partner down.
A dry spot A dry spot

Trace and Kelly overcome one of the main obstacles (a road). the journey continued on the other side.
The Kayaking Man The Kayaking Man

I'm no fan of cigarettes, but I think the smoke really completes this picture :-)
He looks like a natural He looks like a natural

Do I have to write a description for each bloody photo?
Kiss kiss Kiss kiss

Michelle blows a kiss to Kelly...
Extreme times Extreme times

There was certainly a lot of excitement to be had. Wow.
Group discussion Group discussion

I have no memory of actually discussing anything
"Nice hat Markus"

...your's isn't bad either mate
"Where the bloody hell are you going?"
Danger Danger! Danger Danger!

One of the more dangers parts of the journey. Hardcore

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