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Gerry Dauth †

Yesterday was Gerhard's funeral. Its strange how different the world looks and feels after a funeral.

Nothing I can write here could possibly convey how much of a wonderful person he was. When someone dies, people always go on how great they were and how kind and selfless they were. Gerry was one of those people for whom those words could justifiably be used. He loved the world, he loved the people in it. He loved his wife and family and friends, and we loved him in return. Everyone did.

I met him 18 years ago and instantly felt his kind heart and positive attitude. He's love of singing and dancing filled us all with joy. He loved the earth and the animals on it. He loved tending to his bees and his organic garden. And the more I got to know him, the more I saw that his love was all genuine. There was nothing fake about him.... no act. He was not kind for the sake of being kind. He simply was - - kind. A wonderful, colourful character a pleasure to be around.

I had not seen much of him in the last few years. That's a big regret.... The funeral was a beautiful testament to his life. There were many people... 350 perhaps, from all manner of backgrounds. All manner. And everyone was chocking back the tears and sharing the most wonderful stories about him. He's passing truly is a loss, and to all that knew him, the world has lost some of its colour and sparkle.

Rest in Peace Gerry. You wont be forgotten.
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