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LSK Progress

Hello Diary,

I'm not really in the mood to write a long journal entry. I will, however, upload a large amount of pics again, just to annoy those whom dont like having huge entries in their 'friends' pages. Bless livejournal.

As before, a lot of my time is being consumed by the LSK project. Luckily I've had help through most of it, but have been on my own for the last couple of days. Below are some progress photos.

A close-up of the cutting of the Veneer... haze developed quite a skill in doing this. No doubt helped by his artistic background... perhaps. The idea is to cut the veneer as close to the corner as possible, without splitting the wood fibres.... not an easy task, I can assure you.

haze doing his craft

A completely veneered M4.... Naturally I could not resist putting the port and the drivers in the box, just to get an idea of what it would look like once its finished.... and I love the look of it :-)

Due to it being a rather hot day (with the addition of our delicate European skin) we decided to head into the Garage for shelter... here we see haze working.... did I do any damn work? :-)

The C6 in the foreground, while a TL6 lies, glued, ready for the veneer to be applied.... At this stage, it is the only thing veneered on the TL6s... perhaps we'll get more done this weekend.

haze pretending to be an old man doing some wood-craft.... he does it well

Two M4s and one M5 lie here.... with the first coat of Cabothane. Its amazing how much the colour of the wood changes, once this stuff is applied. I have no complaints, even though I had a very difficult time deciding whether to go for a light or dark wood finish. I decided on dark, and I am happy with my choice.

Close up. Remember that this is only the first coat, so it looks a little rough... though even now, there is quite a bit of reflection going on :P

A freshly vanished M5 hangs using a coat hanger and ladder combination. Considering I'm only up to the first coat, I thought there is no harm in doing all six sides at one. I will increase my care with coming layers.

The 5/6 veneered C6 poses for the camera.

The first and only veneered part of the TL6s, cut and ready.

That is all I have for now. I'm working OT tomorrow, so there will be little progress in the coming days. I am very much looking forwared to sanding the varnished boxes back and applying the second coat. I cant wait to see the results.

Over and out, Cheers,

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