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Bioshock first caught my eye in late 2007. I loved the look of it, and I had thirsted for it ever since. That thirst has now been quenched, and even though I had spent the last year and a half building it up in my mind, it is some of the sweetest gaming bliss I have ever experienced.

Actually, describing it as 'bliss' is probably a little wrong. It is, after all, a very dark and atmospheric game. I could be the large screen, and surround sound, but its been a long time since a game has drawn me in like Bioshock has. Its dripping, literally, with atmosphere. And you never know what's around the corner. I think that's what makes this game so satisfying for me. It never allows you to relax, nor does it force you from one frantic battle into the next (though there certainly are some frantic battles).

I love the story-telling style too. Pretty much all the narrative/history is delivered via tape recordings found scattered around the place.... usually found next to the dead bodies of the people that recorded them.

I've also been playing Killzone 2 and Burnout Paradise - both very different games. I didn't like Killzone at first, but it has grown on me substantially over the last week or so. I will write more about these matters later.

PS: I did enjoy Blake's surprised reaction when I told him I bought a PS3 rather than a 360. He must have been convinced that I had already made up my mind completely. 
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