aussiepoida (aussiepoida) wrote,

Ratatat Gig

I didnt feel it. At all.

I will mention the following things :
  • It was on a Sunday night. I hate everything except coffee/tea and a sit-down on Sunday nights
  • Door opened at 20:00 - Makan and I got there at 20:20, and listened to French Rockets and These Ship Wrecks. They both sounded pretty good and kept up entertained. The latter band was especially good.... though I didnt think much of the guys singing, and think they would probably work better as a instrumental rock band (or at least keep the singing in the background)
  • There was a sizable time gap between the two support acts, which was tedious.
  • Once These Ship Wrecks finished, it took a long time to clear the stage. Two guys then set up the stuff for Ratatat. Those two, once they were finished, then headed off stage, and we waited for a further 30 min until the show begun.
  • During the wait, they were playing the most awful music over the PA. That music, in combination with a asshole crowd (at least were we were standing) created a pretty shitty atmosphere.
  • Ratatat came onstage at 10:50. It turned out that they were the guys setting up the stage earlier - which lead me to wonder what they hell they had been doing backstage, other than simply leaving the audience waiting.
  • The guitarist came walking on stage with a bottle of wine, which he drank from, and then used to play his guitar for a few seconds. He had long long hair and was head-banging a lot. I can only assume that they were simply sitting out the back drinking.
  • We left after the third song. The atmosphere, the time spent waiting, the fact that it was a Sunday night and the long haired guy's arrogant stage presence really shat me off.
  • Vodka and Redbull - $14 - WTF!!!!! and a tiny glass too. They didnt even hand over the leftover redbull can. Fuck you Capitol!
Makan and I are not Ratatat 'Fans' as such. I have not really had a chance to listen to a lot of their music. I went to the gig for the same reason I went to the múm gig.... and while I instantly loved múm when I saw them, this gig has had quite the opposite effect. If we HAD been fans before we went to the show, we would no doubt have loved it... and I could see that other people clearly were not as deterred as we were.

I'm getting old. And I feel old when I say that I really think bands should have more respect for their fans. If you're gonna have a gig on a Sunday night, respect the fact that the people that have paid to see you probably have a job to go to the following morning. As such, get your asses on stage and put on a great show... The whole waiting around thing may have been interesting in the 80s and 90s, but I'm patient enough for it these days. Just play the shit I'm paying you for, the let me get home to bed!

It is late, and I must go to bed. If I dont stop writing now, I'll keep ranting and ranting and ranting until I get a call from the producers of Grumpy Old Men

I want to see múm again.

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