aussiepoida (aussiepoida) wrote,

My first JB Online purchase

I bought a couple of things. Trace will claim that I am naughty. Perhaps she is right... but I think the following purchases are bargains :-)

Michael Jackson - The Collection Michael Jackson - The Collection

The only Jackson Album that I have at the moment is Dangerous. I've been looking forward to this collection being released, even before his death. A tragic loss, but I will continue to enjoy, and rediscover his music.
Sarah Blasko -As Day Follows Night Sarah Blasko -As Day Follows Night

This is a Signed Copy. JBHIFI Online appears to be offering a lot of Signed copies these days. I like it. Especially since they are the same price as unsigned copies.
Triple J has been playing her new stuff a lot lately. I like her old album, but this album sounds a lot more creative. Much more interesting sounds.
Decoder Ring - The Blind The Starts and The Wild Team Decoder Ring - They Blind The Stars, and The Wild Team

I've heard a couple of tracks on Triple J. Fractions is one of my favourite Australian albums, and I'm sure this wont disappoint. Its instrumental... and its signed as well :P

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