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I live in the hood....

Hello there,

after a rather successful (at least for me) Mario-Party last night, haze and I decided to head off to The Moon for a little coffee. We got in the car, drove 30m around the corner of my house, and were met with a vehicle completely engulfed in flames, with several people desperately trying to distinguish it with garden hoses.

Strangely, all was quiet. I doubt I would have become aware of the action down the street, if I didn't actually stumble across it. I always assumed that when things like this are happen, half the street would be awake and watching - instead it was just unfolding quietly.

We contemplated stopping... but after careful consideration decided that there was simply nothing for us to do... we had no water, we had no firefighting experience... there was just nothing we could have added to the situation. We headed off, and heard the fire truck heading towards the site-of-interest. We continued on to the mood... but it was closed, so we went back home.

....that is all I have...


Tags: beechboro, burning car, coffee, fire, the moon

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