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The updates must go on...

Dear Diary,

Well, here I am again.... it has once again been way too long since I have sat down and written something here. I know there was a lot that I wanted to write here, but all that remains of the weeks thoughts are splatters of memories without definition.... My short-term memory reminds me of the very first digital camera I ever used... It was a Kodak thing, back in 1996. We got to play with it as part of the 'Computer Education' program at our school. I think it had a max res of 640*480 (I'm not sure what that even is in MPs) and the pics were certainly a long way short of photo-quality. Where was I going with this? Oh yes, my memory is starting to seem a lot more pixelated that it should be.... am I getting old? I'm only 27 for gods sake!

That being said - there is little reason to panic at this stage. In truth, I know that I am not exercising my brain as much as I should be. As such, I still feel like I'm in control of this situation... for a while, I thought I was actually developing a 'problem', but I have now just put it down to lack of mental gymnastics. I came to that conculsion some time ago, but my believe were affirmed when I started reading J. R. R. Tolkien's 'The Silmarillion'.

Before I go on about that, let's go back to the start - I never used to be able to concentrate on a book... I have always blamed this on my ADD and still hold to that. I used to pick up a book, read 10 pages, and then suddenly realise that I haven't been reading at all, but just looking at the words... I would then go back to the start, read about half a page before the cycle would repeat itself.

The first time I ever managed to read anything more than a short story was with the serial release of The Green Mile by Stephen King. The Green Mile was a unique project, in the since that it was released in six separate parts, each being only a few (I really cant remember how many) dozen pages long. The parts were released monthly, over a six month period. It was perfect for me, since I was always too daunted by think books, since I knew I would never be able to concentrate long enough to finish them.

The book in itself was fantastic, and I urge all of you to read it. For me though, it hold a very special place as it was the first full book I managed to read it (though be it over a six month period :P ). That being said, this tremendous moment in no way opened the floodgates or anything. It simply opened the door to me. That was back in 1996.

A few years passed, until in 1998 I first came across rumours that 'The Lord of the Rings' was in the process of being made into a film. At that stage, I had not read the books.. I had only heard of them. In 1998 I was very much into Baldur's Gate and other role-playing games of the fantasy genre, and my mind was wide open to reading the book that started the whole thing. I just needed a little prod, and news of the movies prodded me 'well-deep' :-) ....not deep enough for me to actually start reading them, but enough to hint to Tracy that I wanted to own them.... as a result, they were gifted to me for my birthday in 1999.... Did I read them in 1999? NO! It wasn't until mid 2000 that I actually picked them up and started turning the pages.

So in 2000 I started reading this huge novel, and it was a glorious time. I could go on about this, but I wont, let I will start re-capping the last 6 years in a strange, confusing manner... let me just say that it was while reading LOTR that I began my love of reading, my love of LOTR, my love for Vegimite and my love of discussing LOTR with friends.... it was also the time when I think my intelligence peaked.... not really surprising, considering I was 21... which 'Brain Age' considers to be the best age you can be... brain age, that is... moving on...

I've read many books since LOTR (I'm sure I will talk about them at length another time), but none have managed to become as closely intwined in my personal a social fabric. I started talking like the peoples of middle earth - though I stopped short of learning Elvish :-) - and my friends (chiefly Preacher & Makan) and I would have happy banter and quote from the books as often as we could... it didn't seem like it at the time, but I'm sure that the constant references and quoting from the books helped my brain stay on its toes.

So then, this half brings me back to 'The Silmarillion'. Since I've recommenced my exploritory journey of Middle Earth, and the Arda itself, I have found myself feeling a lot more alert. Call me crazy, but I seriously think there is something about Tolkien's writing that manages to get my brain firing... its probably the fact that its writen in Old English and has several dozen main Characters, which have several different names, depending on place and time.... it gets rather confusion at times. It requires me to concentrate though, and therein lies its magic (along with the fantastic depiction of a mythical world, of course).

I appear to have written much, and yet said very little... good times. I shall quickly sum up what has been happening:

1. The house wont be ready for the first inspection until next week.
2. We went to look at the finished driveway the other day.... we knew we had to do the crossover ourselves, but were rather annoyed that the paving stopped 30cm in-front of the concrete pathway in-front of our house.... I know what I mean! I will upload a pic of this later to explain this visually.
3. Had a great Mario Party/Moon combination on Saturday night with haze, mr_lambi and Adrian
4. Had a fantastic time at Little Creatures on Sunday night with Tracy and Kelly. We had Pizza, Nachos, King Prawns, Fries, Beer and Wine, followed by Icecream at Baskin Robbins next-door. There was much rejoicing at the size of the ice-cream that was bestowed upon me.
5. The LSK M4s and M5s are finally completed. I shall take pictures of them soon, and show them to you! Naturally, I shall also describe the process in more detail later.

I fear I have missed MUCH in my sum-up of the week, but it will have to do.


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