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LSK Project progress pics

Hello all,

As promised previously, here are a bunch of pics which demonstrate what a bit of hard work can achieve... - rather expensive speakers that look like they are home made, because they are!

Seriously though - for the most part, I am actually very satisfied with how they ended up. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have only finished the M4s and theM5s, so I cant speak for the TL6s or the C6 at this point.

There was a time during the 'finishing' phase of the process where I though "these look like crap...what have I done!!" (See this entry)... and they did look like crap. In truth however, my view of the progress of these boxes was rather polluted by what I thought I could achieve... or better yet - what I thought could be achieved in general. I really wanted the boxes to look like they were encased in a layer of glass.... like a clear hard-candy shell surrounding the wood.... In my mind, I thought it would simply be a matter applying more layers of varnish, but that's not how it works at all. In truth, without the use of a varnish sprayer (and indeed - a hell of a lot of varnish) it simply is not possible to achieve. And now that I have come to accept what is possible, I am actually quite pleased.

The finish on these boxes is very much dependant on the lighting.... sometimes they look extremely smooth, and other times they appear to have a matt finish - which I hate! For the most part, I think they look rather good, but when the light falls on them from a certain angle, the appear pretty patchy.

Anyway, lets have look now. Behold!!!

The M5s on the right, and the M4s on the left. As mention in previous entries, the M4s will be my rear effects channels, while the M5s will be the surround channels.

These are the M4s, a little closer. I find it quite amusing how large they look in the photo.. they really are quite tiny.

A better view of the M5s - You will notice that the tweeters are rebated.... this has caused me a whole lot of stress, as the trimming of the veneer becomes a hell of a lot more tricky. You cant hide the edge under the driver in this situation. I'm not very happy with my work on the first rebate I cut, but I got a whole lot better with the second one... It scares me to think that ALL the remaining speakers are rebated, leaving much space for scrutiny.

The back of the boxes, hopefully showing off the colour and grain of the wood nicely.

A close-up of the back.. hopefully giving some indication of their shininess :-)

And on that note, I shall leave you be. haze and I will have to start concentrating on the remaining big boys and get them done.... there is still a lot of work to do, before this project is done :P


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