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A trip, a night of comedy, a lost item, and wells...

Hello there,

A couple of weeks have passed since my last LJ entry, which appears to be the norm these days... though hopefully wont be the norm in the future. I actually find it a shame that I've had such little time for LJ these days. These are exciting times, and I would love to document them more thoroughly. At the moment however, the two elements that I need are not coming together to allow me to sit down and actually write anything. I need time, and I need a relaxed state of mind - and while I have the former, the latter is a little harder to come by :-)

The main event of recent times was the outrageously short visit by Preacher, resulting in a one night trip down south, which was filled with the usual eating, drinking and nakedness that normally exists during such trip... its funny how it never really looses its novelty :-) Though at my age, it really should be :-|

For future reference, the crew were haze, Preacher, Cat, Matty and I. It was a lovely short trip, only 2.5 hours from Perth. The drive was a fun mix of music and chatting. Musically, I have gained a greater appreciation of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and will probably listen to more of his creations in the future.

Preacher, Matty and Cat stayed an extra night and met up with (what I call) Preacher's Pizza friends. I do not get along with them directly.... though now that I think about it, I actually only have a direct problem with one of them (silent whisper... 'Mike...'). Perhaps if Preacher moves back to Perth, I would associate with them more... for the time being, I'm quite happy to avoid them... and I'm sure they feel the same way.

Prior to heading south, Preacher and I shared good times. We enjoyed a meal at Poppo (Korean) before walking over to the BBC for some delicious Belgian Brew. That being said - the brew did not seem as delicious as I remember it being. I blame the fact that Preacher was only here for a couple of days, and we (or I at least) could not enjoy the drink in the same casual way as I used to.... in other words, it's Preacher's fault!!

After the BBC we headed across to The Moon and enjoyed one of their famous chocolate pizzas - I love them! Though I must ensure I dont eat them too often... I have to watch my shape :P Preacher quite liked The Moon, which pleased me. I informed him that if he was still living in Perth, we would be meeting up there on regular occasions... but alas, he does not.

We cough the train back to my place. Both he and I were delighted to see that the trains run up to Clarkson every 30 minutes until past midnight on a Sunday... I'm rather pleased to be living in such a well catered for area (in terms of Public Transport).

So, Preacher is gone again - sad times. Though I'm sure he will be back, and hopefully for more than just 4 days....

As was documented by haze, Dylan Moran was in Perth last night, and haze, Tracy, Heidi and I were lucky enough to grace his presence - even if only for a moment. haze dressed sharply enough to slice thoughts of Celibacy clean off anyone whom gazed upon him.

The show itself was fantastic. Very good indeed. I would have loved to have sat closer to the front, the the seats were good none the less. I was thirsty, and much of my time was spent thinking about how thirsty I was. The man is rather funny, certainly one of the more amusing comedians I've seen live... that being said, there were a number of things that displeased me: 1. He went on about Perth's isolation just a little bit too much. We all know that Perth is in the middle of nowhere, we dont need to be told we dumb for living here though. 2. There were some repeat jokes from other shows that I have seen... both his and other comedians shows. 3. I think he is starting to get a little tiny bit full of himself.... he jokes about this, yes, but it is less funny when you actually get the impression that he means it.... secretly. Out of 10? 7.5...

When the show was over, we staggered outside to find a wall of water had collapsed atop the Perth Concert Hall. I grabbed Tracy's handbag, featuring my mobile, keys and wallet and sprinted to the car. Once I got to the car, the handbag only featured my mobile and keys.... if only I had noticed this prior to getting home. So I had to ring a couple of banks and Transperth to put my accounts on hold and arrange replacement cards. I have never lost my wallet before, but it is certainly a pain in the ass. I cant even think of half the cards that were tucked into its belly.... perhaps this is a good thing - I'm pretending that its a wallet spring-clean... only a lot more annoying and less fun. .... I get the feeling that an any moment, I'm going to remember that there was something really really important in there that I've forgotten about... for the moment though, I feel like I'm in control of the situation.

UPDATE: My wallet, with all its including all the money within it, has been handed in at the Perth Police station. I am delighted and have a warm fuzzy feeling within. Its great to know that there is still plenty of good people around.

On the home front - 3 out of 9 (shit) soak-wells have been completed. Thank Christ that haze and Tracy have been getting involved, lest I would still be up to the first one. Soak-wells really are a nightmare. They are soooo much damn work, for such little immediate benefit.... and yet they need to be done. I hate them much. None the less, I do not have a choice, and I must get them done. Especially the one remaining one at the front of the house, since the landscaping guy cant do his work until they are done. The following photo demonstrates both the scale of the work required, as well as what I would love to do to these wells, if they were in body form.

Speaking of landscaping, we still need to hire a bob-cat guy to level off the front of our block, and to take away a fair bit of sand due to the installation of the before-mentioned soak-wells.

Speaking of carting away sand and such, the Wannoroo council ended up carting away the mountain of building rubble that was left infront of our house... I mentioned in my previous LJ entry, and until a couple of weeks ago, we thought that were were going to have to pay for the removal of the stuff. Its quite a relief not to have to pay for it :-)

The pavers have been ordered for our cross-over. They should arrive within next 1.5 months, so we should have a functional driveway in about 2 months.... still quite a long way away, but at least there is light at the end of the tunneldriveway.

I have much to say about how iinet is currently shafting me.... it is worthy of a separate entry late, as I would not be able to do it justice with the little time I have at the moment.


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