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A movie review, and a little more if I feel like it

Hello there,

Work has been keeping me very busy lately, and I really havent had the motivation to do a lot, other than sitting on my ass at home. There is no harm in that, exempt that I actually have lot to do around the house. The front garden (sandpit) still needs to be levelled and racked - a task which is a lot more demanding than it sounds. We are still trying to figure out how much sand we need to get removed from the place.... there is a fairly good chance that we'll have to hire a four square meter bin for it all... once again, it does not sound like much, but keep in mind that that about six or seven tons of sand. Good lord.

The last few weekend have been spent putting in the soak-wells with Blake and Tracy's help. I'm certainly looking forward to having it all done and looking good.. with a bit of luck, the landscaping will be done by the end of June... fingers crossed.

The other task on this weekends to-do list is the clothes line. Once again, it sounds pretty straight forward, but is actually a pain in the ass to do. I'll spare you the details, but lets just say that there is more to do than to simply drill two holes in a wall, and attach it... I also need help from a second person, so I've got an excuse not to be out there at the moment, though no real excuse not to be racking.

For quite a long time now, I've considered the first day of my weekend to be the lazy day... I enjoy my Friday nights, I like sleeping in on Saturday morning, and like waking up to the thought of doing nothing :-) By Sunday, I'm quite open to actually doing some work around the house. I see no harm in that. I enjoy doing work around the house, but if I am forced to do it on my first day off, it feel more like a chore than anything else..

Last weekend I put an extra phone-point into the study. It was, technically, easy enough. But I had to spend a lot of time in the roof, which was incredibly hot and dark. I was quite nervous about cutting the phone line up there. There is always the thought that the phone wont work afterwards...I spent about one and a half hours up there, sweating like pig, trying to light my work-area as best I could with a torch... I ended up using 600-Series Connectors, as well as a double adaptor to create the second 'line'.

The most annoying part of the process was actually getting the phone-line through the inner-wall Conduit, which is already occupied by cable-TV and a couple of network cables. I tried for about an hour, before I gave up and asked haze to pop over to give me a hand. It still took us about 20 minutes, using a long piece of wire to pull the cable through.

Both phone-points worked fine. The only drama I appear to be having now is with the ADSL. My connection appears to drop out on a random, but regular basis. I cant really put my finger on what could be wrong. Naturally I suspect that my wiring may not have been 'clean' enough... what confuses me is the fact that when the internet is connected, there is nothing wrong with the download speed or anything. All the diagnostic tools tell me that the line is clean... so why does it drop out? It hasn't been happening today, but yesterday it was almost unusable. I'm quietly hoping its a problem at the iinet/telstra end, which appears to have been fixed now... I hope...

Tracy spend a lot of quality time together, building our new computer desk... it was quite an adventure in itself, and ended up taking about three hours to finish. We had fun, but the last hour or so was just a battle to get it finished, as all the 'fun' was absorbed during the initial hour of the construction.

Oh yeah - A movie review. I was actually planning to do this first, and then write other stuff if I felt like it... and now I dont feel like writing a movie review... I shall keep it brief and to the point.

Movie - 28 Weeks Later...
Score - 4/10
Why - Mostly crap direction style... shaky close-up shots, in-decipherable flight scenes, crappy children-centric story line, plot-holes galore, non-sencical moment etc etc.. I cant really be bothered spending too much time explaining this, since its really not wroth it. It was quite a frustrating experience really, because the movie really had potential and could have been a lot better... there were many moments when the movie felt like it was 'lifting', but then ended up falling over instead, and all the harder for it. Scenario wise, it was similar to Land of the Dead (which was crap as well).

Thoughts in brief
sister_murasaki, whom I had the pleasure of working with, for a time, had her wedding last weekend. Unfortunately I couldn't attend, because I didn't have a car :-( Luckily she bought the pictures to work so that we could gaze upon the ceremony, and pretend we were actually there. Everyone at work is in agreeance - she was a fantastically beautiful bride. She is also the first pregnant woman that I've ever seen that actually looks 'radiantly' beautiful in her motherly form. I'm not sure if that actually makes since, but I know what I mean :-)

Makan's mother Feshte came around today to measure up our windows for blinds. It was nice catching up, even though it was mostly a 'business' visit. I hope to have her over for dinner, once the house is more hospitable.

I got a little tiny swell of 'second-home' sickness the other day. Its been over two and a half years since I've been in Switzerland. My cousins' children must have grown up heaps in the meantime... its hard to believe they wont know me once they see me again. I am in no position to go there anytime soon, so I will have to suppress the urge for the time being.

mr_lambi is heading of to Canada next week. Yet I sense no excitement from the man himself. Or joy, for that matter, which is a real shame. Perhaps his spirit will lift closer to the time :-)


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