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Greetings again,

Its later than it should be. I need my sleep these days, and me being up at this time (23:03) could spell disaster tomorrow morning. Mind you, its not so much that I'm awake now, but rather that I have started typing this now...

My previous entry was a bomb out.... I planned to write about 14 topics, but ended up covering only 2... that's 14.2% - not a pass mark, is it?
With each day that passes, more little things happen that I would love to write about. But I end up putting it off because I feel like I need to cover the previous weeks topics first... so suddenly two weeks pass, and all the fun things that felt like they were worth writing about have lost their vividness and their character. Grrr.... Already I'm more in the mood to simple waffle on like this, without ever really getting to the point. But alas, the thought of reading this in several years motivates me slighty - because surly, at some point in the future, I would love to read about my life was it was now, and not be met by this dribble! And yet I cannot stop.... STOP IT, DARN IT!!!

Topic One - Security Incidents at work
As mentioned before, the vividness, the relevance of my thoughts has passed. None the less, I will mention the two moments that 'mixed things up a bit' at work. On Friday 18 May there was a blackout at work. I was in the middle of a Citizenship interview when the lights and computers went out at 15:20. It was a very busy day and we were all stressing out due to the interviewing schedules blowing out by almost an hour. As such, we all kept interviewing in the (near) dark, assuming that the lights would come back on momentarily... but they did not. After a couple of minutes, we started evacuating the building, starting with the clients. It was a great opportunity for me to put on my bright red vest and helmet and usher people out the door (safely). Once everyone exited, the managers started to write down the names of the people that had been 'expelled'.
People act quite interestingly in situations like these. The whole building lost power, there was darkness beyond the sliding entry doors, and yet, some clients tried to push past me to get into the building... not maliciously, but somehow not contemplating that during situations like this, that we cannot serve clients :-) The power came back on at 15:50, and there was a delightful cheer from the crowd, as they started moving towards me. I had to explain that the rest of the building, including DIAC staff, had been evacuated, and that we would not be opening again, for just 10 minutes. They understood.... reluctantly.

Incident number two did not involve me directly, but it did involve a co-worker from the citizenship section. A African gentleman got rather upset when his mother was asked to reside the "Responsibilities and Privileges" of Australian Citizenship (a requirement of attaining citizenship). The lady was over 50, and thus except from the English requirement, but was asked to recite the Rs & Ps via a interpreter. She was unfamiliar with this requirement, and thus was unable to complete that part of the interview. The procedure for cases such as these is that we defer the application and ask the client to return at a later date to complete the Rs & Ps requirements. This is usually a welcomed 'second chance'..... the woman's son however, was outraged and accused the organisation of being racist... that we are deliberately ensuring that his mother is incapable of attaining citizenship, due to her colour/background. A strange accusation to make of a department whom organised safe passage to Australia for him and his family. Police had to be called. I can say no more.

Topic Two - Levelling of front garden
The front garden has been levelled, in order to get it ready for the landscaping (which was included as part of the land package). This no longer feels very relevant. I will post 'before and after' photos later, once the 'after' has been attained.

Topic Three - Matthew and Jess' Engagement Party
As I mentioned last time, I was actually quite worried about this event. I was worried that I'd be standing in a corner by myself. Thankfully this was not the case and I actually had quite a good time. It wasn't exactly a good opportunity to chat with the lucky could (there must have been 50 other people wanting their attention), but it was a great opportunity to see them together. They certainly seem to click, which was a relief. Matt deserves the best. I cant claim to know what Jess is like, but I have faith in the man, and I'm sure he has chosen wisely. It takes a long time to get to know someone... I hope I get the chance to get to know her over the coming years.

Conclusion - Must go to bed
I've managed to cover an extra couple of topics, though only one of them was from the original list... None the less, I will try to write again in the coming day or two and cover the remaining themes before the week is up.


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