aussiepoida (aussiepoida) wrote,

I cannot Wii.... yet

Hello Onlineliness,

I am sad today. I am sad because some weeks ago, I failed to feel the need to pre-order a Wii... I assumed that I would be able to pick one up a few days after the launch without problems... How wrong I was. A week ago, I pre-ordered one for the Third Shipment which arrived today... but I have missed out again, as they could not supply enough to fill all the post-launch-pre-orders. I shall now have to wait several more days (until Saturday!!) to (perhaps) get my hands on a Wii to call my own.

Damn you haze!!! Why did you have to be wrong about this... WHY!!!! I will never forgive you for making a completely uneducated guess, and passing it off as exactly that, plus some cockiness. (Whatever that means)

So frustrating, I have the urge to play with Wii, but no matter how hard I try, I simply cannot... I guess I'll have to hold on for a little while longer.... though I am bursting with Wii excitement.

On another note - work is hella busy.... I'm not even sure how I managed to put away enough time to write this...


Tags: anger, wii

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