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The bliss of working....

I'm normally quite content with my work... there are generally highs and 'normals', but not usually lows. the moment however, I feel like I'm in a complete low. The Citizenship Taskforce that I was a part of has concluded, and I have moved back into my substantive role in eVisa.

I find it difficult to really accept that I am back here on a 'permanent' basis... I've been off on little side projects and other adventures for the past 9 months, and barely feel like I below in eVisa at all... the fact that they've had huge staffing changes, as well as some policy interpretation changes, has left me feeling a little like a fish out of water.

I must remain reasonably neutral about what I say about my work. Overall, I like this department... it really does some fantastic work for people in Australia and around the world... internally however, things are just crazy. Things have been happening lately that have heavily eroded my confidence in the organisational structure... and more importantly, confidence in the internal job-filling process. 'The Right People in the Right Jobs' is a popular slogan here.... people used to use that expression as a little joke when people made mistakes. I've come to realise lately that associating that slogan with this department - that's the real joke.

I'm glad that the department truly does do tremendous work which is beneficial to a lot of people... it’s a shame it’s not as pretty from the inside.


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