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Wherever we go, there we are

...but why the hell are we here?

20 November
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I was born in Switzerland in 1979. My parents, brother and I moved to Australia (Melbourne) in 1982, but moved back to Switzerland 18 months later. In 1991 (at the age of 11) my parents decided to make the move again. We arrived in Melbourne in April, and then decided to move to Perth 5 months later. I have lived in Perth Ever since.
Some Dates
1979 - Born, Switzerland
1981 - Moved to Australia
1982 - Moved back to Switzerland
1989 - Fantastic Family Holiday in Ireland
1991 - Moved to Melbourne, Australia and then to Perth, later in the year.
1993 - Started High school
1995 - Returned to Switzerland for a holiday
1996 - Got my first part-time job - Action Supermarket (Trolley boy, checkout chick, dairy manager)
1997 - Finished High School
1998 - Started Dating Tracy. Started working for Woolworths (nightfill) / Went to TAFE
1999 - Worked for Woolworths... went to Bali, worked for Ray White Real Estate
2000 - Started working for the Australian Bureau of Statistics
2002 - Went back to Tafe
2003 - Finished Tafe (Diploma of IT (Web Development)
2004 - Went back to Switzerland, met up with Tracy, worked in the UK and travelled around the world for 12 month... good times
2005 - Started work with the Immigration department
2006 - Went on a Cruise to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand - Lost some good Friends whom went to work in our Nation's Capital. Went Skiing in Thredbo. Started a livejournal account.
2007 - Built some speakers with Blake. Got Engaged to Tracy :P Moved into our first house. Spent quality time with Dad putting in the laminate flooring. Went on a trip to New Zealand.